Beginning with our first product, the ST-4, SBIG has offered upgrade paths for many of the improvements in camera and CCD technology that we have incorporated in later models. It is not always cost effective to build cameras with upgrades in mind, nor is it always possible to offer upgrades to the latest technology due to cost and engineering constraints, but whenever possible we have tried to make this option available. The ST-7/8/9/10/2000/4000 series of cameras is no exception. Owners of older ST-7 cameras can upgrade to the latest USB electronics and E or ME imaging CCDs, and owners of the latest models can upgrade to a larger or more sensitive CCD if desired. If this is your first camera, you may find some comfort knowing that you can upgrade as you gain more experience. In this way you may find it takes a long time to outgrow your camera!

The various upgrade options for ST cameras are listed in the table below. To determine which upgrades are available for your camera, find your current camera configuration on the left and scan across the table. If an upgrade is available for your particular model and configuration, it will be indicated with an X in the column of the upgrade that can be applied. If there is no X in the category it means that this option is not available by itself, and you must look for a combination that includes what you desire in order to be able to get the upgrade. For instance, the older parallel electronics did not support the 237 guider, so if you have a parallel camera you must upgrade to USB electronics before you can add the larger 237 internal guider or Remote guide head port.  The cost of each upgrade item or combination of items is in the bottom table.  If there is no specific combination listed that covers your needs, then the price is just the sum of the costs for each individual upgrade to order. 




Replace or Upgrade CCD in STL Camera to Price
KAI-4022M/CM $1995
KAF-1001E-C2 $3695
KAF-6303E-C2 $5395
KAI-11002M/CM-C2 $2995
KAI-11002M/CM-C1 $4495