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Ash Manufacturing Logo The MCCM Observatory complex is based upon an Optical Guidance Systems (OGS) Ritchey-Chrétien professional grade computer controlled telescope and it is provided complete with a professional aluminum Observatory dome with welded steel cylindrical foundation structure.

The advantages of the Dome are that it provides:

  • The telescope can be stored safe, ready for use and properly aligned for rapid activation.

  • Protection for the telescope and operators within from wind. Domes in particular are among the best structures at resisting storms and winds; the dome installed at the highest elevation known to us is in fact an Ash Dome installed on the 17,500 foot (5,334 meters) high Mount Chacultaya in Bolivia and operated by CalTech and the USGS.

  • Protection for the telescope and operators within from dew. Telescopes can usually be operated without a Dew Shield and not fog or freeze.

  • Provides shielding for the telescope and operators within from local lighting. This helps the visual astronomer's eyes to dilate fully thereby allowing views of fainter objects. The one drawback of this is that one only sees that portion of the sky visible through the open Shutter area.

  • A Dome can be added onto or alongside a new or existing structure and blend in as an architectural feature with choice of color and metal (copper, aluminum, etc.), all while maintaining a compact footprint. Unlike other devices including a sliding roof assembly for example.

  • Finally: IT LOOKS LIKE AN OBSERVATORY SHOULD! The presence of a Dome to most people is the tangible proof of an astronomical observatory. In some instances a community or a college will insist on the provision of a Dome for a new observatory out of pride even when alternative structures (some at less cost) may be adequate.

Biosphere 2 Observatory
Biosphere 2 Observatory

showing the entrance
MCCMO Observatory OGS 24 inch telescope
OGS-140 Fork Mount on its Pier

viewed from North
note welded steel cylindrical wall
Biosphere 2 Observatory
Biosphere 2 Observatory

reverse angle from prior view

Table Above: Observatory and telescope as it appeared while at the Biosphere 2 complex in Arizona.
Click on each image to see the enlarged view.




Ash Dome Model REB

Above: Ash Dome showing arrangement when accommodating the MCCMO OGS 24 inch
Fork Mounted telescope. This necessiates an off-axis Pier with isolated foundation.




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