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Company Seven has yet to institute "On Line Ordering" because we are concerned that on line ordering is proving to be a convenience more for the merchant than for the consumer. We prefer to have the opportunity to advise each customer on a case by case basis, and so we encourage you to telephone or otherwise contact Company Seven before you place an order.

First: Please provide the following information about the recipient:
    a) Recipient's name (or organization)
    b) Recipient's daytime voice and facsimile telephone number(s)
    c) Electronic Mail address
    d) Recipient's "Ship To" address: Street, City, State, Postal Code, Country
    e) If an organization, then if applicable also include:
    • who is to receive the package(s)
    • billing address and related special instructions
    • who is responsible for payment at the "Purchasing Office"
    • and what is their address and telephone number?
    f) Note any special handling or delivery requests, or necessary documents:
    • Delivery service preference and recipient's shipping account number
    • Customs declarations for Tax or Duty Exempt agencies
    • Requests for "Freight Collect" billing

Second: Advise us what you are ordering (for each item or system)

    a) Manufacturer name
    b) Product Name or Description
    c) Quantity of each item (otherwise "one" will be assumed)
    d) Part Number (if known)
    e) Note any special requests:
    • accessory installation
    • for accessory orders: describe telescope make and model for which the item is acquired
    • for electronic accessories: specify the model of controlling personal computer (if applicable)
    • for those employing a personal computer please specify the Operating System (DOS, UNIX, Windows, Power PC, Macintosh, etc.)
    f) Our technical staff will review the order and will offer suggestions if any conflicts are identified, or if improvements may be advised.

Third: Choose your form of payment:

Check or Money Order
Trav Check
Traveler Check

Wire Transfer


Mastercard VISA UnionPay Paypal

    a) Check or Money Order:
    • Personal, Certified, or Bank Check made payable to: "COMPANY SEVEN"
    • International Bank Check payable in US Dollars via a U.S. Bank, and made payable to: "COMPANY SEVEN"
    b) Mastercard, or VISA, or UnionPay Credit Card
      Please provide: credit card number, expiration date, name of card holder as listed on the card,
      card three digit security code, card billing address with postal code.
      Note the merchant fee for Foreign Exchange Transactions will be added to the invoice if applicable.
    c) PayPal
      Please provide your E-Mail address (as registered with PayPal) and we will initiate the invoicing to you.
      Note PayPal charges the recipient a fee for Foreign Exchange Transactions; this will be added to the invoice if applicable.
    d) Travelers Check
      Signed on our premises with identity verification, and made payable to: "COMPANY SEVEN"
    e) Western Union
      (please inquire for routing instructions).
    f) Wire Transfer / Electronic Payment
      (please inquire for routing instructions).

Company Seven is annually certified to comply with the latest requirements to protect the confidentiality of our clients, and of their credit card information.
Not only that but to help assure strictest protection we not not provide on-line ordering, nor do we share E-Mail or other client information.
To verify our current status simply click on the above image; Java Script must be enabled in your browser to see the pop up window.

Fourth: Company Seven payment schedule requirements are:

  • For Astro-Physics Telescopes and Mounts:
    • New orders for not "In Stock" items (typically telescopes, mounts, accessories):
        Please provide a 50% deposit for any Astro-Physics item ordered. This will secure for the purchaser a chronological position on the delivery list.
    • Full payment is not due or processed until the product is ready for delivery.
    • Credit card orders are subject to a charge card processing fee; that is lately 2.5% of Astro-Physics hardware items only.

  • For Our other Consumer Telescopes and Mounts:
    • New orders for not "In Stock" items (typically telescopes, mounts, accessories):
        Please provide a payment or credit card information for any item ordered. This will secure the purchaser a chronological position on the delivery list. This will not (with few exceptions) be processed until the item is ready for delivery.
    • Full payment is not due or processed until the product is ready for delivery.

  • For Government, Industrial and Institutional orders:
    • Contact Company Seven for terms and payment advice.
Finally: addresses to contact or correspond:

  • By Mail:
    • Company Seven, Box 2587, Montpelier, MD, 20709-2587

  • By Courier (FedEx, UPS, etc.):
    • Company Seven,14300 Cherry Lane Court, Suite #117, Laurel, MD 20707

    Be sure to carefully spell or type all requested information.
    If you have any questions, then please contact us for advice.

For those ordering from overseas we provide a currency conversion utility:

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