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ST-7 and ST-8 Enhanced Cooling Package

(Two Stage Thermoelectric Cooling With Water Assist)
November 18, 1998

st7a26a.gif (40893 bytes)

ST-7 / ST-8 Optional Two Stage TE Cooling
and Water Assist Package *

  An enhanced cooling package is available for the ST-7 and ST-8 cameras for use in warm climates or for anyone wishing to get that extra bit of performance out of the camera by additional reduction of the dark current.  The enhanced cooling modifications are made at our plant to new cameras at the time of order or may be retro-fitted to any existing ST-7 or ST-8 camera.   

The optional enhancement package consists of the addition of a second thermoelectric cooling stage and second 110VAC TE power supply (not shown), new heat sink, larger fan, connections for additional water cooling (may be different than shown) and an optional 110VAC submersible water pump with tubing.  The enhanced cooling package will result in an additional 6 degrees C of cooling (- 31 degrees C minimum from ambient) with air only, or an additional 15 degrees C of cooling (-40 degrees C minimum from ambient) with water assist.

horse2c6.jpg (42021 bytes) Horsehead Nebula (false color)
3 x 20 minute ST-7 images co-added with CCDOPS.  Taken at minus
30 degrees C through a C-11 at f/6.3 (ambient temp +10C)
Alan Holmes and Michael Barber / SBIG

Retro-fits for U.S. customers are done at our plant (Similar kits will be available for Japan and Europe with modifications being made locally). Modifications will be scheduled according to the date the order is received.  Once you have placed your order, we will confirm your scheduled modification date.  Be sure to have your camera shipped to us so that we receive it before the scheduled period for your modification.  We are currently notifying those customers who have already requested this modification.  If you have any questions please call Company7 at 301-953-2000.         

* The production package may not be identical to the prototype package shown above.   Price and specifications subject to change without notice.

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