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Longer Than Standard Parallel Cable

We have heard of successful use by our customers of SBIG CCD systems at distances of up to up to 165 feet. However, in regular use we have operated our CCD systems at a distance of only as far as 75 feet.

Just for the record, we have no experience with "Parallel Boosters" on SBIG systems. And we prefer not to become involved with the fabrication of custom cables. Therefore, we will provide the following as a guide for those who wish to "push the frontiers" so to speak. Please advise us of your results at experimentation so that we may pass it onto others.

  1. The best cable that we know of for this application is made by "BELDEN Co." (phone 317-983-5200/5736), and is designated "BELDEN 9937". This cable may be found sold in rolls at regional electronics supply houses, or it may be mail ordered This cable has shielded wire to reduce interference and signal loss.

  2. You will need two "DB-25" cable connectors: one Male and one Female.
    These may also be found at electronic supply houses such as "Radio Shack".
    These connectors should have metal covers, and solder pins for best connection.
    Note this does not use a "Centronic" connector. However, adapters may be necessary.

  3. The Pin assignments follow:

Male Pin
(to Computer)
Female Pin
(to Camera)
2 0 Data Bits to Camera
3 1 Data Bits to Camera
4 2 Data Bits to Camera
5 3 Data Bits to Camera
18 18 Data Ground
19 19 Data Ground
20 20 Data Ground
21 21 Data Ground
22 22 Data Ground
23 23 Data Ground
24 24 Data Ground
25 25 Data Ground
6 0 Address to Camera
7 1 Address to Camera
9 9 Strobe to Camera
10 0 Data from Camera
11 1 Data from Camera
12 2 Data from Camera
13 3 Data from Camera
14 4 Data from Camera
Metal Shell Metal Shell Ground

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