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Carl Zeiss Antiques

This is under construction.

This will soon become a resource for those who are interested in the study and preservation of antique Zeiss instruments.

Those who are interested in learning more about the history of the Carl Zeiss companies, their affiliates, and their diverse range of products should read the information that we offer here about "The Zeiss Historica Society" a non-profit organization with membership open to the public world-wide, which while independent of the Carl Zeiss company is preserving and researching the Zeiss history. The society publishes a wonderful quarterly "Zeiss Historica" which has articles describing in detail a wide selection of Zeiss products; their evolution, design, and function. The articles are contributed by those including society members, and former Carl Zeiss employees. Each article is well illustrated, often including rare photographs and illustration, and contemporary photographs of antique Zeiss products. Annual meetings are held in Europe or North Amercia for the exchange of ideas, and to foster new friendships. Furthermore, the society has undertaken the task of collecting and reprinting antique Carl Zeiss literature (product catalogs, etc.) which are then made availble to the membership at large, and for sale to the public.


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