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Overview: the Astro-Physics 2, 2.7 and 4 inch diameter focusers have been refined over a number of years to provide smoother motion, and lower maintenance. One of the changes occurred in 2003 when we began to offer the Feather Touch Focuser option for new production telescopes. By 2004 we began to make the Feather Touch option available as a kit for retrofit onto previous models.

If your Focuser Pinion Block is not among those that indicates the quick retrofit of the Feather Touch Focuser then you retain the option of buying a complete modern Focuser assembly for your Astro-Physics telescope. Please contact Company Seven for more advice about doing so.

JULY 2001:

Astro-Physics Super Planetary Eyepieces. Click on image for high quality enlarged view (34,298 bytes).

Focusers with this Pinion Block (Part No. A1034-A) can be updated with the Feather Touch Micro assembly.
This Pinion Block is provided with new Astro-Physics scopes shipped after July 1, 2001


Astro-Physics Super Planetary Eyepieces. Click on image for high quality enlarged view (34,298 bytes).

Pinion Block (Part No. A1034) provided with Traveler telescopes shipped between March and May 2001.

If this hole pattern matches that of your Traveler pinion block, then please contact Company Seven for special instructions regarding the upgrade of your focuser to the Feather Touch Micro 9:1 Dual-Speed model.

Note: three new Travelers were shipped between July - September 2001. We are not sure which Pinion Block was provided on these three telescopes.

PRIOR TO 2001:

Astro-Physics Older Focus Pinion Block (41,167 bytes).

Focusers incorporating these previous version Pinion Blocks (Part No. A1004) that cannot be updated.

Design Imperatives: this series were developed with a few basic goals in mind:

  • provide high contrast, true color, clear images


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