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Judy and Randy Cunningham's "AstroSystems, Inc." has become well known among the experienced astronomy community as a capable design team and supplier of product, as well as an experienced and personable couple of enthusiasts.

AstroSystems grew out of Randy's hobby when as a youngster, he built his first telescope at age 12. As the years passed, he observed various needs for solutions in the hobby that could be addressed with a little sweat and ingenuity. With a list of over 25 possible new products in 1986, they named and formed AstroSystems while on a four month stay in the backwoods of Washington state. After locating in Colorado in early 1987, AstroSystems first two products were the laminated version of Wil Tirion's "Sky Atlas 2000" star charts, and the first commercial telescope focuser based on the friction drive "Crayford" design. The Cunninghams attended their first star party as AstroSystems, the Texas Star Party to display and sell these first two products.

Such association with the most experienced of large reflecting telescope builders, and deep sky observers brought to fruition an average of four to six new products a year; some of their design, and others marketed by AstroSystems but made and developed by amateur astronomers.

In 1992 the Cunninghams decided to focus their resources in one direction; with the proven success and growing popularity of the truss tube reflecting telescope, their dream of promoting telescope building was realized with AstroSystems telescope components kit.

The summer of 1996 will bring another change to AstroSystems marketing with the introduction of a truss telescope kit complete with all wood components precision cut by CNC technology, ready to assemble and finish. The AstroSystems "TeleKit" telescopes are not fashioned to compete in the already crowded, low price, moderate quality area of the market; these are to provide the most demanding, and experienced observers with the viewing satisfaction, ease of operation, and pride of ownership that only a custom crafted instrument can provide.

Company Seven has observed the success of AstroSystems at developing unique and practical solutions to the everyday needs of our community. Over the years we have referred to them several of our customers who are in need of solutions that AstroSystems provides. And now Company Seven is pleased to offer our highest endorsement by featuring the AstroSystems premium "Dobsonian" style of reflecting telescopes, components and accessories, in conjunction with the high degree of technical support, service and tr aining that are the traditional cornerstones of Company Seven Astro-Optics.


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