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There is nothing to relate pertaining to notable product introductions or changed for the amateur astronomy and birding commuities. But do not think that Fujinon Corp. has been idle; consider some of their other notable landmarks in the history of the company:

  • Aug. 1948 Their first still camera, FUJICA-6, was introduced in the market.
  • Mar. 1957 Streamlined our organization as a comprehensive optics manufacturer upon taking over a lens division of the Odawara Factory of FUJI PHOTO FILM CO., LTD.
  • Sep. 1962 Domestic production of an electronic copier [XEROX 914] was started.
  • Mar. 1965 Established FUJINON SANO CORPORATION to expand the machining division.
  • Apr. 1968 Established FUJINON MITO CORPORATION to expand the camera division.
  • Apr. 1971 Entered into medical business by commercializing FUJINON endoscope.
  • Jan. 1974 Established FUJINON INC. in New York, USA, as a subsidiary company.
  • Mar. 1980 Established FUJINON (EUROPE) GmbH in Dusseldorf, Germany, as a subsidiary company.
  • Oct. 1983 FUJINON OKAYA CORPORATION became a 100% owned subsidiary company.
  • Jan. 1985 Commenced the mass production of optical plastic lenses for the CD players.
  • May 1985 Announced video endoscope at Digestive Disease Week (DDW) Show in USA.
  • May 1989 Announced new video endoscope [Super Image] at Gastroenterological Endoscopy Show in Japan.
  • Mar. 1991 Established FUJINON SINGAPORE PTE. LTD. as a subsidiary company in Singapore.
  • Dec. 1992 Established FUJINON AUUSTRALIA PTY. LTD. as a subsidiary company in Australia.
  • Jul. 1993 Received ISO9002 certification.
  • Mar. 1994 The 50th anniversary of the establishment of FUJINON CORPORATION.
  • Sep. 1994 Announced 70X zoom television lens for the broadcasting at IBC Show in Holland.
  • Nov. 1994 Received ISO9001 certification.
  • Established FUJINON TIANJIN OPTICAL CO., LTD. as a subsidiary company in China.
  • Sep. 1995 Established FUJINON HONG KONG LTD. as a subsidiary company.
  • Oct. 1996 Received the Deeming Prize for accomplishment of the Total Quality Control activities.
  • Oct. 1996 Engineering Emmy Award for broadcasting television lenses was received.
  • Jan. 1998 Received ISO14001 certification.
  • May 1999 Awarded a prize by Motion Picture and Television Engineering Society of Japan for the development of TV lens for super-sensitive, high-definition color TV cameras.
  • Sep. 2000 Released DIGI POWER 87, the world's highest zoom magnification TV lens of 87 times.
  • Jan. 2001 Established SHANGHAI FUJINON MEDICAL EQUIPMENT CO., LTD. as a subsidiary company in China.
  • Sep. 2001 Established FUJINON SHENZHEN OPTOELECTRONICS CO., LTD. as a subsidiary company in China.
  • Mar. 2002 Established FUJINON TOSHIBA ES SYSTEM CO., LTD. as a subsidiary company.
  • Apr. 2003 Introduced the 101 times zoom lens for broadcasting cameras in NAB.
  • Oct. 2003 Released the double-balloon video endoscopy system for the small intestine.
  • Apr. 2004 Introduced the zoom lens with the autofocus system "Precision Focus" for broadcasting cameras in NAB.
  • Sep. 2004 Released the fully digital endoscope "Sapientia."
  • Oct. 2004 The company name was changed from FUJI PHOTO OPTICAL CO., LTD. to FUJINON CORPORATION.
  • Apr. 2005 The business of Photofinishing Equipment Department was transferred to FUJIFILM TECHNO PRODUCTS CO,.LTD.


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