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Gitzo tripods, monopods, heads and accessories have long been regarded by the professional photographic community as setting the standard for mechanical excellence of design and production. This is a series of products for people who do not like to buy things twice: one can purchase a Gitzo product for life with the confidence that no other product is likely to equal it, and none will surpass it in durability and function. It is entirely fitting then that Company Seven selected to work with Gitzo to offer the products you will find listed here.


Skilled design engineering, attention to detail and the finest high strength yet lightweight metal alloys, have been and continued to be used in the manufacture of Gitzo products. And now for the first time, Gitzo introduces carbon fiber composites. These have been successfully used to create a new series of monopod and tripod that will maintain the expected rigidity and robustness of a Gitzo product, yet with only 70% of the weight of conventional Gitzo materials.


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