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Monopods Tripods Heads

Gitzo monopods set the standards only others can aspire to. The range of compact, lightweight, corrosion resistant monopods includes a model for every conceivable application. Monopods are available with 3, 4, 5 and 6 section lifts with head platform, and interchangeable 3/8 inch (C) or 1/4 inch (K) fixing screws to attach cameras, binoculars, or small telescopes. All models are also fitted with comfortable fabric wrist straps.

Twist Lock-Offs: All telescopic movements of leg extensions glide effortlessly into position. The cushioned locking rings ensure no slippage whatsoever, yet all are quickly released with great ease.

Monopod Models G565 and G567 are fitted with an independent tilting head and two section shoulder chest brace. This is adjustable for both length and angle. These two monopod heads have a 1/4 inch (K) fixing screw only.

The Gitzopod monopod Model G558 is a unique combination of Monopod, Chestpod, Emergency tripod and Tablepod. Weighing just 2-1/4 lbs. and suitable for loads of about 11 lbs, Gitzopod features a fully adjustable telescopic shoulder brace which is independent of the panoramic tilting head. Supplied together with a neck harness for extra stability. This harness also frees both hands for operating a camera. The Gitzopod also features the interchangeable 3/8 inch (C) or 1/4 inch (K) fixing screws.

The new Mountaineer monopod Model G1568 has periscoping sections manufactured of CARBON FIBER. This space age material combines the advantages of exceptional light weight and corrosion reisistance, with strength and rigidity. These qualities make this monopod a natural choice for those amateurs and busy professionals who are on the move.

Ref. No. Model Min. Height Max. Height Sections Weight (lbs.) Maximum Load (lbs.)
G1561 Sport 61-1/8" 24-3/4" 3 1-1/4 6-3/4
G1563 Reporter 64" 21-1/4" 4 1-1/2 8-3/4
G1563L Reporter 80-1/4" 22-3/8" 5 1-1/2 8-3/4
G1564 Studex 62-1/2" 21-5/8" 4 1-3/4 17-1/2
G1564L Studex 78-1/2" 22-3/8" 5 2 17-1/2
G1565 Studex w/brace 62-3/4" 21-7/8" 4 2 17-1/2
G566 Mini-Studex 53-1/4" 14-1/2" 6 1-1/2 11
G558 Gitzopod 60-1/4" 26-1/2" 5 2-1/4 11
G1568 Mountaineer 65-1/4" 21-5/8" 4 1 8-3/4

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