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Comments from OGS Users

  • "I was especially pleased with the photo of M33 as the smallest stars are very close to .01", (24u on the neg.) or about 1.75 arc seconds. This is definitely better than I expected."

  • "Saturn was razor sharp. I never would have thought I was looking through a Cassegrain with a large secondary. I could have gone up to 500 or 600x."

  • "I'm amazed at how well this scope records reflection nebula as compared to the C14. There must be a lot of violet and UV light present in these objects that was filtered out by the C14 corrector plate."
    Chuck Vaughn
    A noted amateur photographer and owner of an OGS 12 1/2 " R-C with 100 Mount)

  • "On a cost versus price comparison, OGS is dynamite. The optical and mechanical performance of our 20" telescope has exceeded our expectations. OGS installation and support has been excellent as well."
    Mr. Jay Sarton
    Director of Roberson Museum and Science Center

  • "We have a good relationship with Optical Guidance Systems and appreciate the support we have received. Our automated 20" Ritchey-Chretien telescope performs better than we had hoped! When funds become available, our plan is to trade in the observatory's 20" RC telescope for the new RC-32 with the OGS 190 obstruction-free German Mounting."
    Dr. Philip Lea
    CSU Professor Chairman Department of Physics and Astronomy
    Western Connecticut State University

  • "My 24" RC is a delight. The new Coordinate Control System you provided for my eight year old telescope works perfectly. When using Software Bisque "The Sky", every object I click on the computer screen is in the field of view of my telescope. "
    Dr. Bryan Quinn


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