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DOWNLOADING INSTRUCTIONS for "At Home in A Dome" in Adobe "PDF" Format

You have selected to download the "At Home In A Dome" booklet. The file to be downloaded is a PDF file and it requires the Adobe Acrobat Reader application in order to be read and/or printed.

Adobe Acrobat Reader
Many computers are sold with the Acrobat Reader application already installed. If you have this application on your computer you do not need to download the Reader application.

If you do not have this application, you will need to visit the Adobe Systems web site to download the Acrobat Reader application for your specific operating system (ie. Macintosh, Windows, Unix, etc.). The Adobe site provides detailed instructions for installing and using the Reader application.

Get Acrobat Reader

At Home In A Dome Booklet
The "At Home in a Dome" booklet file is approx. 430KB in size. Once you download the file you only need to open it with the Adobe Acrobat Reader application to view or print its contents. Click here to download the athome.pdf file.

Get athome.pdf


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