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Company Seven | Telescope & Lens Repair or Refurbishment Services

Company Seven can provide a variety of design, manufacturing, and repair services involving optical and mechanical systems, night vision technologies, tracking platforms. We also have the capability to provide systems integration to provide local or remote control of our systems and data acquisition over wired networks or by other means. Company Seven is a registered U.S. Government (DLA, ORCA, etc.) small business contractor. We are licensed by U.S. Government agencies in several areas including Department of the Treasury Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Fireams.

We have the capacity to manufacture and service lenses for surveillance or astronomical applications. Company Seven provides repair and modernization services for industrial systems owned by government and industry. Furthermore, Company Seven routinely performs quality control acceptance testing and collimation of all new or used telescopes and lenses that we sell. And our resources remain available to support consumer telescopes sold by Company Seven in custody of the original owner.

Below: Images of "The Poster Child of Telescope Abuse"

    Before and after images of one of the more recent worst case scenarios. This ruggedized quartz and Invar constructed 18 cm Maksutov-Cassegrain lens is among several that have been refurbished at Company Seven for the U.S. Air Force. The incoming lenses suffered from poor design of the Invar housings, tampering and violation of seals, exposure to harsh environments (salt air, high temperatures and humidity), each Quartz Primary Mirror was chipped. We repaired and recoated the mirrors and lens sets, stripped and reconditioned the optical tube assemblies, installed new and more effective seals and pressure relief hardware. All the work on each lens was accomplished in a matter of three months or so. Few other companies, even larger companies have the flexibility to respond so quickly and capably, and at such a comparatively moderate cost.

18cm Mak Lens Before F (135,922 Bytes) 18cm Mak Lens After F (135,922 Bytes)

18cm Mak Lens Before R (135,922 Bytes) 18cm Mak Lens After R (135,922 Bytes)

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