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This site (either "", or "") is organized to benefit our beginning and advanced amateur clients, and will have some benefit in crossover areas for our industrial and government customers. It is geared more towards providing technical information, and will generally avoid providing news about current astronomical events since there are a number of other on-line sources where one may find such information.

While Company Seven's consumer efforts are geared more for the astronomical community, more and more we have been asked to assist the birding and nature watching communities too more so since we offer many of the finest products available in those markets, and have a highly proficient technical staff to advise and support our products.

Those U.S. and allied governments agencies in need of systems or services which we do not market to the public at large should contact Company Seven in order to obtain access literature regarding other areas where Company Seven maintains a presence.

If you are new to the hobby of astronomy, and trying to learn how best to get started then we urge you to read at least these articles from our library in order:

  • "Choosing a Telescope: Advice for Anyone Seeking to Buy A Telescope" This illustrated article is a most informative and frank discussion about selecting an astronomical telescope from among those commonly available to the consumer. We explain the different types of telescope optical tubes and mounts, how to choose them, and information about how they are marketed, even how to get started into the hobby if you have no telescope.

  • Astronomy Associations, Clubs, and Societies in the Baltimore-Washington Region Company Seven has helped to build and supports several of the better organized astronomy organizations that help promoted the science and hobby aspects of the field. Most of these groups make opportunities available for amateurs to learn about the hobby through discussions at meetings, opportunities for the public to come out and look through telescopes ('Star Party' or 'Star Watch' events) at safe locations, and more. Here we list organizations in the mid-Atlantic nearby Company Seven, if you are farther out of this region then contact us or search the Internet to learn about organizations in your area.

  • "Star Watch" Activities: Advice to Those Attending Article geared for the general public so that they understand how to be more welcomed at these evening night sky observing events, and how to derive more satisfaction from attending them.


Each directory menu is identified by being in blue type. Simply clicking your mouse over the directory menu title will bring that page up on your browser. This site is optimized for most current browsers, in addition measures have been taken to insure good speed and logical navigation of this site. After a few minutes of study, one should find the task of navigating form page to page far simpler than using our most simple products.

The site basic outline is under the following topics, each of which will appear in the menu heading at the top of each menu page (as shown above "Products and Services - Product Lines - etc.) on this site:

  • Consignment
      A listing of the used products available at Company Seven, the terms and prices.

  • Library
      Arguably the most valuable resource in this site, a section which contains forthright advice for our customers. The Library is accessible in three ways:

      • From the Home Page Directory by clicking on "Library".

      • From the menu heading at the top of each menu page. A listing of every article in the Library will in the directory. Furthermore, at the top of the page will be an menu selection which will display an index of articles categorized by manufacturer product line.

      • From the menu heading "Notes" at the top of each "Product Lines" menu page. In this case the menu of articles will appear that pertain only to the respective product line being browsed.

      Those who are new to choosing or using the equipment we offer will find it best to read through some of the introductory materials on line here, before proceeding to review the product descriptions and illustrations contained in the "Product Lines" section. In particular, anyone who seeks to learn more about how to approach the subject of selecting an astronomical telescope should start by reading "Advice for Beginners (or Anyone) Seeking to Buy A Telescope", this is a most informative and frank discussion of astronomical telescopes, how to choose them, and how and who market them; the philosophical approach to making a selection described can be applied to terrestrial (or spotting) telescopes, binoculars and many other areas of interest. And the understanding the article can provide to the consumer about the marketing of telescopes and accessories will improve the readers chances of success in this (and many other) hobby.

  • Order
      How to contact Company Seven to obtain counsel and order merchandise or services.

  • Product Lines
      List of the manufacturers whose consumer (and some industrial) products Company Seven offers. Company Seven will also provide warranty and after warranty factory approved service and repair (if necessary) to any of those products sold by Company Seven.

      Clicking on the respective manufacturer will bring up the "index" page for that manufacturers section. This "index" page will then show a second level directory menu which will typically include choices to bring up subdirectories including:

          If long lead times are normal for a product, this will explain planned production.


          Information about how the product is distributed.


          Company Seven has put articles on line regarding the history of the company.


          Main product index, a brief outline of that company and its products.


          News or developments of interest regarding that product line.


          Articles regarding specific products, or experiences using the product.


          An outline of the most notable products and accessories in the particular product line, and their prices (please note: prices are subject to change).
        Product Listings
          Selecting this menu item will bring you to a lower hierarchal menu directory which will allow you to choose particular products of interest. These may include: Publications, Telescopes, Binoculars, Mounts, etc.

  • Products and Services
      Outline of the major types of products and services which Company Seven offers.
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