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Since Software Bisque entered the astronomical products stage in 1984 with their astronomy program "TheSky" they have continued to develop products, and manufacturing alliances that have resulted in their setting new high standards for product integration and performance. In fact, it was the original "TheSky for Windows" software that first had Macintosh users wondering when a program of similar performance and appeal would be released on their platform; up to that time virtually any Macintosh program was more esthetically pleasing and more intuitive than programs on the PC's. Following this with the successful and highly regarded Mt. Wilson remote control telescope project.

The Bisque brothers have impressed the astronomical community with their sincere enthusiasm for astronomy. It is possible for a technocrat, bank rolled by Wall Street to write code to do much of what the Software Bisque programs do, but it takes an enthusiast to imagine the possibilities and then translate those possibilities into an easy to use, common sense program.

And in 1996 we see that enthusiasm culminating with the new generations of software, and their first robotic telescope mount the "Paramount GT-11" a new concept in integration. So just stand back and watch, or buy in now and participate in the "happening" revolution!


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