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Latest Developments from Software Bisque

  • The 1996 SBIG CCD Imaging Conference
    Review of the CCD imaging and technology conference sponsored by Santa Barbara Instruments Group held at Santa Barbara, California on 11 and 12 July 1996. It featured announcements about many new products and technologies including demonstrations by Tom and Matt Bisque of their new Software Bisque "Paramount GT-11" robotic German Equatorial Mount.

  • "The Sky Level I by Celestron"
    The announcement of a new CD-ROM "TheSky Level I by Celestron" developed by Software Bisque as a variant of "TheSky" astronomy program, to be distributed by Celestron International and its retailers.

  • Software Bisque has recently announced, and is currently shipping version 4.0 of "TheSky for Windows'95". For more exciting information on the new release and upgrades from prior versions, then show me Version 4.0!

  • Astronomy in the Classroom!
    Software Bisque is continues to turn "astro science into child's play." Already with a critical role in the "Telescopes in Education" program at the Mt. Wilson Institute, their latest endeavour (see Cutting-edge Astronomy in the Classroom in the February 1996 issue of Sky & Telescope) is to help a local high school setup a remote observatory using Software Bisque's Remote Astronomy Software. The students will use an 8-inch telescope fitted with an SBIG Model ST-5 camera, along with TheSky and SkyPro software, to study long-period variable stars. Their data will be used by researchers from the University of Denver.

If you would like more information about Cherry Creek High School's model program, contact Stephen Lantz by Email at "".


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