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Remote Astronomy from Software Bisque

Remote Astronomy Software (RAS) consists of all the software required to run a telescope and imaging system. The "remote" telescope may be sitting next to the computer, in your backyard, or across the country. The telescope may be a custom made observatory class instrument, or a one man portable Celestron Ultima 2000 personal or high school telescope.

Required software programs include TheSky Astronomy Software, SkyPro CCD Astronomy Software, and the Local Serial Port Controller. This suite contains software for locating objects, driving telescope systems to the objects, controlling the CCD camera, and downloading images to your PC.

Remote Astronomy via RS-232 Serial Communications

Using TheSky and SkyPro, you can directly control computer-driven telescopes and CCD cameras through the serial port(s) on your computer. Currently, telescope support is provided for the Meade LX200, the Quadrant System Coordinate I, and all telescopes supporting the ACL protocol. CCD Camera support is provided for the complete line of SBIG CCD imaging cameras (Models ST-4 through ST-8). Call about compatibility with other CCD imaging cameras.

Remote Astronomy via Standard Phone Lines currently featuring,

The Mt. Wilson 24" Telescopes In Education program (T.I.E.)

Software Bisques first Remote Astronomy installation is at the Mount Wilson Observatory, located high in mountains north of Pasadena, California. Mount Wilson is famous for having some of the clearest skies in North America. There, a large dome houses a 24-inch telescope and CCD camera that are fully dedicated to Remote Astronomy. The simple click of your computer mouse instructs the Mount Wilson 24-inch telescope to point at (slew to) any of the objects contained in the database of TheSky. Once the 24-inch telescope is positioned on the object of your desire, then SkyPro CCD Astronomy Software captures an image of that object by controlling the Mount Wilson CCD camera. In addition, SkyPro's many image-processing functions bring out the best of any image. The Local Serial Port Controller enables TheSky and SkyPro to communicate via modem and phone lines to Mount Wilson. Once the Local Serial Port Controller establishes modem connection to the remote site, it runs invisibly in the background.

For information on running the Mt. Wilson Telescope, contact:
Telescopes in Education, Box 24 Mount Wilson, CA 91023 (818) 395-7579


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