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TeleVue TVFocus Focus Display Software

TVFocus Screenshot
TVFocus is the software designed by TeleVue to provide local or remote computer readout of focus via TeleVue's Digital Indicator Kit and a special RS232 cable. This system is designed to be reliable, accurate, easy and convenient to use. "Idiot-proofing' aspects include its in-line connectors which allow easy draping of cables to the TVFocusPlus display/control software.

Right: TVFocus Screenshot showing 'Run' and 'Setup' tabs.

The software is designed to work with Tele Vue's digital indicator kits and special RS232 cable, TVFocus is software that displays focuser position on your computer. Features include:

  • Continuous or momentary position readout

  • Up to four preset positions (saved between sessions)

    This feature is handy if you use various filters that change the point of best focus or swapping non-parfocal eyepieces

  • Yellow and green indicators when you are approaching or have achieved a preset focus position

  • Zero reset allows you to zero the indicator at any point


      System Requirements:

        1. Tele Vue digital indicator and indicator to RS232 cable (images right)

        2. Computer with 386, 486, Pentium or greater CPU

        3. Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP or later operating system

        4. available Serial Port, or a USB connection with USB-to-Serial adapter

Digital Indicator RS232 Cable
Above: Digital indicator (left) and Indicator to computer RS232 cable (right)