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to protect the Telrad sight window from dew, frost, or impact

Telrad Dew Shield (72,105 bytes)
Above: Dew Shield as provided for the Telrad sight (72,105 bytes).
Click on image to see enlarged view (230,719 bytes).

The Telrad sight consists of a red Light Emitting Diode (LED) powered by two "AA" batteries where the LED source projects a red light through a reticle pattern overlay, then to a mirror and lens and finally onto a window tilted at 45 degrees to the viewer. From the observer's perspective the three ring reticle pattern appears to suspended over the blackness of space in the distance. Since astronomy is often conducted in environments prone to dew accumulation or frost, the window of the Telrad tends to become obscured by accumulated dew or frost on humid nights. The Dew Shield was developed to help keep these off the window by reducing the volume of humidity laden air that passes in contact with the normally exposed sight window. The Dew Shield can also provide some added protection for the Telrad window.

Installation of the Telrad Pulser:

  • Remove both the Phillips head screws at the top left and top right on the Telrad sight rear plate.

  • Pivot both of the Dew Shield metal fasteners and position the shield to sit flush against the two vacant holes.

  • Replace the two Phillips head screws on the Telrad sight rear plate.

  • Your Dew Shield is ready for use!

    Using the Telrad Dew Shield:

  • Your Dew Shield can be left up in the stored position when not using the Telrad. This will keep dew and frost from forming, and even in routine storage the shield can protect the Telrad display window.

  • To observe through the Telrad, simply pivot the Dew Shield back and down.

    Telrad Dew Shield up (74,237 bytes) Telrad Dew Shield down (92,504 bytes)
    Above: at left the Telrad with Dew Shield stored (74,237 bytes), and at right retracted for use (92,504 bytes).
    Click on images to see enlarged view (188,1076 and 152,722 bytes).


    Telrad Dew Shield close (108,333 bytes)
    Installation Tools required: small Phillips head screwdriver
    Dew Shield weight: 0.6 ounce / 18 g
    * Specifications are subject to change without notice.

    Right: Dew Shield installed and retracted for use. Note orientation of the two metal hinges (85,505 bytes).
    Click on image to see enlarged view (219,979 bytes).

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