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AstroSystems Collimating Tools

AstroSystems "AstroBeam" Laser Collimator

An indispensable portable tool for the fast and convenient collimation of Newtonians mirror telescope focuseres, primary and secondary mirrors. Collimation of some other telescope designs is also possible with special techniques and hardware. You will be able to collimate your telescope mechanical and optical axes; and you will be able to diagnose any other loose or misaligned parts. This tool can be employed either day or night!

The gold anodized, precisely machined aluminum body fits into either a 1.25" diameter, or 2.0" diameter focuser. A push button switch activates a 5mW red diode laser which is powered by the two enclosed (and furnished) AA batteries. The red light passes through the systems and then back to the laser; any deviation from a perfect concentric return beam reveals a flaw in the telescopes mechanical, or optical alignment.

An Astronomy magazine review (April 1995, page 82) reads "the beauty of the AstroSystems laser collimator lies in its convenience and versatility...coupled with its other uses, the laser collimator is a highly useful accessory for any observer".

While in their February 1996 issue (page 44), Sky and Telescope magazine stated "the time needed to collimate a medium sized Newtonian was greatly reduced". And "AstroBeam" is more than a new wrinkle or a jazzy toy; it is a precision diagnostic tool that fills a long-standing need of Newtonian telescope users".

A thoroughly practical 11 page instruction booklet written by AstroSystems is included.

Cheshire-Sight Tube Combination

This unique collimator combines the Cheshire and Sight Tube into one easier to use, lower-cost tool. The 2-in-1 collimator accurately aligns optics in Newtonian telescopes (Cheshire) as well as accurately aligning the focuser with the secondary mirror (Sight Tube). Save time, save money! Precision-made anodized aluminum, polished aluminum insert and stainless steel cross hair wires. Includes 14 page instruction booklet.


You can use the autocollimator to fine tune the collimation after using the Cheshire/Sight Tube. The secret to collimating a telescope is the proper tools. Includes 14 page instruction booklet.

AstroSystems Collimating Instruction Booklet

You may buy just the 14 page instruction booklet. Written by active observers, this easy to follow, complete guide covers mechanical set-up, optical collimation and star testing. Includes all necessary formulae and background information to collimate your reflecting telescope, including "fast" systems.

Collimating Tool Set

This collimating tool set includes the AstroSystems "Cheshire" sight tube, an Autocollimator, and one 14 page instruction booklet.

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