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AstroSystems Miscellaneous Accessories and Star Charts

AstroSystems "SCOPE COAT" Telescope Covers:
The Cumberlands at AstroSystems reasoned that there was a need for covering telescopes at star parties and for storage. Finding an appropriate material which would reflect the sun (especially under the sun at the "Texas Star Party"), keep dust and moisture out, and be long-lasting was a test! Large Newtonian telescopes should be stored in the horizontal position when not in use, more so at star parties in primitive locations subject to strong winds; and so that the large dust devils (Texas terminology) will not blow them over. So after some trail and error, and much feedback from their fellow observers, AstroSystems introduced the "Scope Coat" Telescope Covers: a white, (200) denier polyurethane coated nylon. .

"SCOPE COAT" has a draw pull to fit snugly around the bottom of a telescope. A sturdy 1" nylon strap is provided to attach a weight to the top end, keeping the wind from standing the scope up or turning it into a cosmic weathervane. The water and dust resistant polyurethane inner coating rounds out a complete protection package for extended observing sessions in the bush. The "Scope Coat" comes with a storage bag and secondary mirror cover, both with draw-pulls. Current sizes are listed, but more will be added soon.

SCT Models:
Telescope Size: 8" 10-12" 14" 16"
Weight (lbs): 3 6 6 7

DOB Models:
Telescope Size: 12.5" 14-16" 18" 20" 22" 24-25"
Weight (lbs): 8 10 11 12 14 15

Telrad Reflex Sight
This is a 1 power reflex sight furnished with one quick release base. When mounted onto a telescope and turned "on" there is a pattern of three concentric circles projected (in the manner of a "Heads Up Display") by a red L.E.D. onto a transparent glass window on the sight; the brightness is adjustable. Three adjustment screws allow one to fine tune the centering the three ring pattern to line up to the primary telescope. The outer ring is scaled to show an area 4 actual degrees field of view in diameter, the next ring 2 degrees, and the innermost 1/2 degree. The view is right side up and correct left to right.

Look through the Telrad and move the scope until the rings are centered on the object. Fast, easy, foolproof and popular! This accessory takes the pain out of finding celestial objects! And it is an excellent tool to help one learn the "star hopping" techniques, and also how to learn to judge angular distances in the sky. We recommended this for beginners through advanced astronomers, and its popularity is reflected by the number of large telescopes showing up at star parties with the device. Requires two AA batteries. Weight 3 lbs.

Additional Base for Telrad Sight
Used to facilitate sharing a Telrad sight on more than one telescope. Weight 1/2 lbs.

Dew Shield for Telrad Sight
This is a windowed acrylic cover for the Telrad sight. It keeps dew and frost from forming on the sight's viewing glass. Snaps on and off - no tools needed. Available in smoke gray or flashy fluorescent orange. Gray will be sent unless otherwise specified. Weight 1/2 lbs.

AstroSystems ChartMaster (LED) Map/Flashlight
No bulb breakage or replacement - ever! This diffuse, spectrally pure, deep red (660nm) light-emitting diode insures maximum retention of night vision. The included batteries will last over 200 hours with this high efficiency LED. The ABS body is weather and shock-resistant and extremely rugged. The switch has been tested to 75,000 cycles and the handle is a non-slip grip. A lanyard is provided for freeing up your hands so you'll always know where it is! The AstroSystems Chartmaster is 6" long. Weight 1 lb.

AstroSystems Laminated "SKY ATLAS 2000.0" by Wil Tirion
An AstroSystems first! These charts are LAMINATED in plastic to go with you in all kinds of weather, and are wire bound for long life and convenience. The bound edge is treated with a sealant for complete water-proofing of the plastic cover. They will not get ruined by the elements, dust, dew, rain or spilled coffee can not harm them. You can mark on them temporarily with a grease pencil.

Each set has 26 charts plus introduction sheet(s). Stars plotted to 8th magnitude (43,000) with approximately 2,500 deep sky objects. The "Sky Atlas 2000.0" Field and Desk Editions measure 14"x18"; while the Deluxe Edition measures 15"x20". The Field Edition has white stars on a black background, the Desk Edition has black stars on a white background, and the Deluxe Edition has color coded deep sky objects and the milky way isophotes are shaded blue. For astronomy in the field we suggest first the Desk Edition, and then the Field Edition; we actually do not prefer to use the Field Edition in the field! Deluxe Edition, 6 lbs; Field or Desk Edition, 5 lbs.

The LAMINATED "Cambridge Star Atlas 2000.0" is likely to become your all time favorite set of star charts. Included in this 9"x12" comprehensive atlas are 9500 stars brighter than magnitude 6.5 as well as 866 non-stellar objects. The 20 sky charts are in full color and cover the entire sky. There are 12 finder charts covering every month. Each chart has a reference page opposite, helping to make this the among most complete atlases we've seen. This format plus its' 75 information packed pages make this the "deluxe" version of the Bright Star Atlas. Weight 3 lbs.

"BRIGHT STAR ATLAS 2000.0" by Wil Tirion
Wil Tirion's LAMINATED "Bright Star Atlas" has 32 pages including 10 maps, each 9"x12". All 9,096 stars of the entire "Yale Bright Star Catalog" have been plotted along with over 600 deep sky objects, including all the Messier Objects (which are of particular interest to binocular and small telescope observers). Data on all noted celestial objects is presented in tabular form opposite each map. The Milky Way is shaded in green. This is a good choice for beginners, as well as a handy reference for the more advanced amateur. Weight 3 lbs.

Star Chart Comparison
Star Charts Stars Plotted Mag. (min.) Deep Sky Objects Scale in Deg./In
Sky Atlas 2000.0 26 43,000 8.0 ~2500 3.6
Cambridge Sky Atlas 20 9500 6.5 866 7.7
Bright Star Atlas 10 9096 6.0 660 9.5

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