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AstroSystems Parabolic Primary Mirror Cells

AstroSystems primary mirror cell frames are all steel, of welded construction for strength and rigidity. These premium quality cells have a computer designed mirror flotation system that uses 18 points on 16.0" and larger mirrors, or 9 points for the 12.5" and 14.5" mirror sizes. The flotation points are of Teflon over cork, allowing the primary mirror to truly "float." This approach thermally isolates the primary and cushions it for worry free travel.

Specifiations for nine point cells (click for pricing):
Mirror Size (in): 12.5-13.1 14.5-15.0
Mirror Box (in): 15.5 18.0
Actual Weight (lbs): 11.4 12.6
Fan Weight (lbs): 14.2 15.4

Specifications for Eighteen Point Cells (click for pricing):
Mirror Size (in): 16.0 17.5-18 20.0 22.0 24.0 25.0
Mirror Box ID (in): 20.0 21.0 24.0 26.0 28.8 30.0
Actual Weight (lbs): 14.3 16.6 19.4 22.6 28.0 32.0
Fan Weight (lbs) 17.1 19.4 22.4 25.6 31.0 35.0

Cooling Fan
The primary mirror cell cooling fan will extend your viewing time and provide better images. This device helps to equalize the primary mirror's temperature with the ambient air temperature thereby eliminating one of the major sources of poor "seeing."

Cooling fans are desireable with smaller telescopes but are highly recomended for mirrors over 16.0". One fan would be installed for mirrors of under 16" aperture, while two fans for mirrors 16 and over. Each fan moves 17 CFM of air at 12 volts.

To assure portability and independence from wall current, each fan is powered by an a rechargable, 2.5 Amp hour sealed gel-cell batteries (included with charger).

16" or smaller w/ gel-cell rechargeable batteries, Weight 4 lbs.
18" or larger w/ gel-cell rechargeable batteries, Weight 6 lbs.

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