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AstroSystems Parabolic Primary Mirrors From
Galaxy, NOVA, and Pegasus

Galaxy Optics
Galaxy Optics has a long outstanding reputation as a first class parabolic mirror manufacturing company. Galaxy employs precision, annealed PYREX low expansion glass, with certifications and offers sizes 16-25. All Optics are guaranteed to be completely diffraction limited (including obstruction) with a max. RMS wave front error of .076 at 632nm (about 1/4 wave peak to valley) over a clear aperture greater than 97%. Workman ship is lifetime guaranteed. Galaxy also does all mirror coating in house. Galaxy also includes a highly informative interferometric analysis with every mirror.

Availibility (click for pricing):
Size and F/ratio89% Coatings 96% Coatings
16" F/4.7
18" F/4.45
20" F/5
22" F/4
24" F/4.5
25" F/5
25" F/4

NOVA Optics
With 9 years of experience producing professional optics, NOVA optics has established itself as a highly regarded optical manufacturing company. NOVA mirror optics are manufactured from fine, annealed PYREX glass on diameters of 14.5" or larger, and are offered in sizes ranging from 10" to 30" and focal lengths f/4-f/10. All optics are null tested using the Ronchi test (accurate to 1/20 wave RMS). Each mirror is shipped with a picture of the Ronchi bands, along with a explanation booklet. NOVA also offers lifetime tech support. Delivery times are: Less than 90 days for mirrors 10-12.5, less than 120 days for mirrors 14.5 and larger and coatings are by QSP. Thin lightweight mirrors of 1.5" thickness also available.

Availibility (click for pricing):
Size and Thickness89% Coatings93% Coatings96% Coatings
10" 1.66"
12.5" 2.1"
14.5" 2"
16" 2"
18" 2"
20" 2"
22" 2"
24" 2"
25" 2"
28" 2"
30" 2"

Pegasus Optics
Pegasus Optics offers primary parabolic mirrors of exceptional quality, guaranteed performance and with a lifetime warranty from PEGASUS OPTICS. John Hall, the proprietor of PEGASUS, guarantees optics that focus precisely. Pegasus also supplies objective quality evidence in the form of certifications and test results. Data provided includes annealing certs, Foucault test readings and test envelope, explanation of methods used and of data provided, and a graphic representation of surface error, wave front error and diffraction disk radius. Pegasus mirrors have also acquired a well deserved reputation for very high quality. Delivery time is approximately 60 days from time of order. Sizes 10" to 30" in all precision, annealed PYREX 2" glass on sizes 14.5" or larger with QSP coatings.

Availibility (click for pricing):
Size and F/Ratio 89% Coatings 93% Coatings 96% Coatings
10" F/6
12.5" F/4.8
14.5" F/5.2
16" F/4.8
18" F/5.0
20" F/5.0
22" F/4.5
24" F/5.0
25" F/5.0
28" F/4.5
30" F/4.2

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