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AstroSystems Telescope Making Guides and Books

"A Guide to Building Truss Tube Telescopes", by Randy Cunningham
This popular booklet is a practical hands-on guide to building 12.5" to 25.0" truss tube telescopes. Included in this 63 page guide is an overview covering the observational use of truss tube telescopes and a parts description with drawings and terminology. Also covered is optical design and considerations with complete formulae and tables to plan your dream scope. Mechanical design and fabrication, including calculations, tables, drawings and material sources are covered next. The next 27 pages is a part by part construction guide for all necessary components. Final assembly, finishing and set-up as well as accessories, resources and materials round out this information packed guide. This complete guide is indispensable for planning and building a Newtonian truss tube telescope. Weight 1/2 lb.

"Bucket" Computer Software (for PC)
A companion to "Guide to Building Truss Tube Telescopes", this program calculates all optical, balance and dimensional information to build a complete 12.5 to 25" aperture truss tube telescope. This program is based on AstroSystems components and building techniques however, it can be modified to fully customize a telescope. Please specify 3.5" or 5.25" disc size. Weight 1/2 lb.

"NEWT" Computer Software (for PC)
An excellent companion to the "Guide to Building Truss Tube Telescopes", or for use by itself. You will be able to quickly optimize the optical design of any Newtonian reflector, calculate optical component spacing, secondary mirror size, secondary mirror offset and 100% illuminated image size. Handy eyepiece table will show your telescopes performance with 7 customizable eyepiece entries. This program calculates exit pupil, magnification and real field for all eyepieces. Also included is limiting magnitude, secondary mirror obstruction, theoretical resolution, minimum and maximum magnification, angular and linear image size for 100% and 75% field illumination. Three ray trace modeling to eliminate plan for the elimination of vignetting. Complete baffle placement and dimensions allow optimum contrast. For IBM-compatibles, 200K. Please specify 3.5" or 5.25" disc size. Weight 1/2 lb.

Amateur Astronomy
A comprehensive news magazine that covers telescope building, telescope use, star parties and short subjects. A readers forum, astronomy club news, biographies and photo gallery round out this interesting, immensely readable and fun magazine. Contributing authors include Jeff Beish, Howard Brewington,Tom Clark, Dave Crawford, Tippy D'Auria, Lew Haberly, Tony Hallas, Tom Lorenzin, Jim Marsh, John Murphy, Al Nagler, Ron Ravneberg and Robert Reeves to name a few. Issue 9 was just published 1/96. Weight 1/2 lb.

Amateur Telescope Making Journal
This popular telescope making magazine concentrates on the technical side of amateur telescope making. ATMJ includes an editorial, star party notes and observing tips. A great reference on telescope making with articles on all phases of optical fabrication and telescope building. Contributing authors include Richard Berry, Dr. R.A. Buchroeder, William J. Cook, Dean Ketelson, M. Leon Knott, Diane Lucas, Al Nagler, Tom Osypowski, Don Parker, Harrie Rutten, Jose Sasian and Martin van Venrooij to name a few. Issue 8 was just published 11/95. Weight 1/2 lb.

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