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AstroSystems Truss Tubes, Bearings, and Clamp Blocks

Altitude Bearings
The AstroSystems altitude bearings allow smooth movement of the telescope up and down in the cradle. These are a very attractive component manufactured of Birch veneer aircraft plywood; this then rides an Ebony Star "Formica" bearing surface.

Large altitude bearings achieve optimum velocity and fine motion control ability (superior to the traditional Teflon configurations) for fingertip guiding that is a similar effort in altitude and azimuth. Large altitude bearings also support the weight of the tube assembly over a wider, lower area, increasing stability. These are delivered unfinished so that you will have complete freedom to match their finish to that of your telescope.

Diameter (in): 18 24 30
Width (in): 1.5 1.5 1.5
Weight (lbs): 10 12 15

Lower Clamp Blocks
Fast, easy set-up and positive clamping with AstroSystems lower clamp blocks. They install on the outside of the mirror box and feature large unbreakable knobs for no-tool tightening. Made from aircraft plywood with stainless steel fittings, these eight lower clamp blocks are available for either 1", 1.25" or 1.50" OD tube sizes: please specify your requirements. Weight 4 lbs.

Upper Clamp Blocks
Four upper clamp blocks are made from aircraft plywood with finger tightening knobs. These clamps are for 1" or 1.25" O.D. tubing for up to 16" telescopes. Weight 2 lbs.

"Obsession" Clamp Blocks (Pole Seats)
These cast aluminum wedge clamps are the same as those furnished on the highly regarded "Obsession" telescopes. Easy cage assembly, and high clamping force make these an excellent choice for 18" or larger aperture telescopes. For 1.25 and 1.5" truss tubes. Weight 3 lbs.

"Obsession" Side Bearings
One piece aluminum side bearings are dimensionally stable, and are practically indestructible. They reinforce the mirror box and by their unique design allow all of the truss tubes to be mounted on the outside of the mirror box, thereby simplifying construction. These large side bearings offer all the performance advantages as listed above. The Ebony Star "Formica" is supplied but must be installed. The two smaller sizes are furnished in an arc, where the larger sizes have stiffing spokes. Delivery varies - please call.

Ebony Star "Formica"
This is the pebble surface laminate that when glued into place with a moisture resistant adhesive gives big telescopes that silky smooth movement.

To cut this to the desired size and shape, we suggest that one glue the Formica in place with a water soluble adhesive (such as "Elmers") onto a flat, thin board. Trace out the pattern to be cut. Apply weight to hold the Formica in place, and to reduce any possibility of flexure or vibration which might cause the Formica to split. Then cut it with a jigsaw fitted with a fine tooth blade. The desired section can then be soaked in water to allow the Formica to separate from the back panel.

Available in 12", 18", 24", 30" and 36" squares.

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