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"Orion DeepMap 600" Folding Star Chart by Wil Tirion, Steve Gottlieb, Steve Peters

two sided folding chart, revised, 1999 edition
Orion Telescopes & Bincouars.; ISBN: 1552973352
Dimensions (in inches): 14 inches wide x 12 inches tall (closed)
Provided in protective Ziploc® style plastic bag

Click on image at left to view enlargement (241,470 bytes)

Originally printed in 1997, this revised "Orion DeepMap 600" is among those indispensable publications that Company Seven recommends to anyone who interested in learning their way around the night sky. The editor Steve Peters conceived of this as a very helpful device for anyone interested in astronomy and who may little or no observational experience. This has become the most popular chart of the night sky among our customers who are new to the hobby and who buy a telescope or binocular and now seek out what to see and when. This is often bought as a economical but valued and durable gift.

Fully color illustrated, it is the first-ever star chart that folds up like a road map! DeepMap 600 shows the positions of more than six hundred of the finest celestial objects visible from the Northern Hemisphere. Each of these objects are plotted on a giant 33 x 21 inch full-color star chart by world-renowned celestial cartographer Wil Tirion. But what really makes this star chart invaluable is its convenience; it folds "accordion style" into a thin, pocket-size 4-¾ x 10-½ inches format - just like a road map!

Even with no knowledge of the night sky one should be able to go out and find the patterns that make up the larger Constellations, and then match them to the DeepMap 600 chart to obtain their orientation to the night sky. But note that since this does mention some astronomical/navigational terms (zenith, meridian, latitude, magnitude, etc.) then a little homework about these terms in advance of going out at night with this chart will help the least understanding buyer to mover forward quickly.

Above: sample of the Star Chart showing some of the symbols and nomenclature about to scale, and all readable by red light (189,505 bytes).
The contrast and clarity of your computer screen are not likely to match the original so you may click on image to see enlarged view (487,844 bytes).

On the side opposite the chart is a map of the northern circumpolar region, as well as a listing of essential data for each of the objects plotted on the DeepMap 600 chart. The information including coordinates (very helpful for those who have telescopes with Setting Circles), apparent magnitude (to help one know how bright the object is), angular size ('how big is big'), and even a brief description of how it will appear to the eye when looking through binocular or a telescope. Instructions offers tips on using the "Orion DeepMap 600", with general observing hints, and more.

No longer must you fumble with bulky books, star atlases, and observing references to find interesting objects to view. The quick-reference DeepMap 600 is all you need to get started.


  • Full-color star chart with the 644 finest celestial objects
  • Covers the sky from Declination latitudes +70° in the Northern Hemisphere to -60° of the Southern Hemisphere.
  • All are plotted on a giant 33" x 21" full-color star chart by world-renowned star-mapper Wil Tirion
  • Easily folds up like a road map into a compact form - even a girl can do it!
  • Color-coded symbols make it easy to comprehend:
  • More of the deep-beyond than one is likely to see through an amateur telescope or binocular*:
  • You will see more of the night sky when reading this with an optional red flashlight
  • The back side contains tables with a brief description of the visual appearance of all 644 objects
  • Printed on dew-proof plastic for durability

* Note the planets, Moon, Sun, and other objects whose positions vary throughout the year are not included in this chart.

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