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Clocks For Sites Located Within Sixty (60) Miles Of Washington, D.C.

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ClockPreview Prov/StateComments/Links
Washington DC  
Great Falls Observatory Park Virginia   Astronomy park of the Analemma Sociey. In Great Falls.
Bluebird Observatory Maryland  A private owned by Jerry Persall and open to visitors by appointment.
Carr's Mill Maryland  Observing site of the Howard Astronomical League (HAL).
Mount Pleasant Maryland  Part of the The Howard County Conservancy.
Little Bennett Regional Park Maryland  A campground near Clarksburg
United States Naval Academy Maryland  Link.. In Annapolis.
Nanjemoy Creek Observatory Maryland  An observatory of the Southern Maryland Astronomical Society.
Reisterstown Maryland  Home to the Soldiers Delight Natural Environment Area.
Baltimore Maryland  Home of the Baltimore Astronmical Society.
Bear Branch NC Maryland  A nature center and planetarium. Home to the Westminster Astronomical Society.
Sky Meadows State Park Virginia  A park near Paris. Used by the Northern Virginia Astronomy Club.
Tuckahoe State Park Maryland  A site of the Delmarva Stargazers

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