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Cyanogen Productions / Diffraction Limited News and Featured Products

Updated January 6, 2000

  1. MaxIm DL Version 2.05 Now Available:

    MaxIm DL/CCD Version 2.05 includes updated Apogee, Starlight Xpress MX5, Starlight Xpress HX5, and parallel port filter wheel drivers. The Apogee driver now supports parallel port cameras such as the AP7p, and has a special feature to prevent readout corruption caused by other applications. The Starlight Xpress drivers are now faster, especially in binning and subframe modes.

    Windows NT driver support has been expanded. With the addition of NT support for Starlight Xpress and parallel port filter wheel control, almost all drivers support NT. Apogee driver installation under NT has also been simplified.

    Only minor changes have been made to the MaxIm DL image processing component.

    If you have not already registered for web support, please contact Cyanogen Productions Inc. at "" for a password and download instructions.

  2. Version 1 Support Ends:

    All Version 1.x users have now exceeded their free upgrade period. Web downloads for Version 1.64 will be terminated on February 29, 2000. If you have not already done so, please contact Cyanogen for information on upgrades

  3. Beta Release Drivers Available

    MaxIm DL/CCD Version 1.64 and 2.00 owners may want to try some of the new beta release drivers. Cyanogen currently have beta drivers available for the video frame grabbers. This driver supports MCI-compatible boards and the frame grabber cards available from Adirondack Video Astronomy

  4. MaxIm DL Reviewed in Sky & TelescopeMagazine:

    Read the excellent review of MaxIm DL on page 70 of the July issue of Sky & Telescope magazine. We now have the review available on-line courtesy of Sky Publishing Corp. Reviewer David Hanon (a customer of Company Seven) takes the program through its paces using a SBIG Model ST-8 CCD camera with an Astro-Physics telescope (of course). The review includes some beautiful images exposed and processed entirely using MaxIm DL/CCD.

  5. Equipment Currently Supported in MaxIm DL/CCD:

    A Plug-In Camera Interface is now available, write your own custom camera driver! Contact Cyanogen Productions Inc. or Company Seven to obtain current pricing and information.

    • Apogee AP, KX, SPH, AM (all cameras)
    • Finger Lakes Instruments cameras
    • Celestron PixCel 237, PixCel 255, internal filter wheels
    • HiSIS-22 cameras
    • Meade Pictor 208XT, 216XT, 416XT, 1616XT, 616 filter wheel
    • SBIG ST-4, ST-5 ST-5C, ST-6, ST-7, ST-8, ST-9E, ST-237 cameras
    • SBIG AO-7 Adaptive Optics Module
    • SBIG CFW-8, CFW6-A and internal filter wheels
    • other SBIG-compatible filter wheels (control via parallel port or SBIG camera)
    • Starlight Xpress MX5, MX5-C, HX516
    • Homeyer, Optec, and
    • ISI Systems CCD cameras and filter wheels (driver available from ISI at extra cost)

        More Cameras Coming Soon!

      Drivers for the following equipment are currently under development:

      Video frame grabbers (beta available)
      Cookbook-245 (beta expected soon)
      Starlight Xpress MX916 (beta expected soon)
      Starlight Xpress SXL8

About Cyanogen Productions Inc.

Cyanogen Productions Inc. develops and markets a variety of scientific and educational products. A joint venture between Ceravolo Optical Systems and Diffraction Limited, Cyanogen is located in Canada's national capital region. Drawing on the resources of both parent companies and in conjunction with a number of corporate partners, Cyanogen is committed to developing products which are both sophisticated and easy to use.

Cyanogen's Parent Companies:

    Ceravolo Optical Systems is a manufacturer of custom optics and high end astronomical telescopes. Products include specialized industrial laser optics, compact laser interferometers, and Maksutov-Newtonian telescopes. COS President Peter Ceravolo is well known for his innovative designs and commitment to quality.

    Diffraction Limited is an engineering company specializing in electronics and software design. Software products include MaxIm DL image processing software, MaxIm DL/CCD camera control software, and Quick Fringe interferogram analysis software. Engineering services include development of sensors for aircraft engines, helicopter navigation systems, and consumer protection devices. Company President Douglas George is an experienced Professional Engineer with expertise in analog system design, digital signal processing, and software engineering.


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