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Why MaxIm DL/CCD Software?

  1. Written by Experienced, Knowledgeable Staff:
      These days customers expect a lot from their products; it is no longer enough for programmers to develop software in isolation. The Cyanogen products development team members routinely useCCD cameras in the field. These team members have a breadth of experience with qualifications ranging from professional engineer to PhD physicist.

  2. Quality:
      All production software undergoes rigorous in-house testing, followed by external "Beta testing." Rigorous version control ensures that Cyanogen know exactly what software version was sent to each customer in order to allow for proper follow-up if problems are reported. The staff understands that nothing frustrates a customer more than an unstable, crash-prone program and so they constantly strive to improve the product and "bullet-proof" it against the vagaries of the Windows environment.

  3. Sophistication and Ease of Use:
      Cutting-edge capabilities are not very useful if hidden behind a clumsy, obtuse user interface. For that reason, the software commands and control interface are examined very carefully to understand how each feature is likely to be used in the real world. Then the design is optimized for maximum user convenience. In many cases where tuse user interface. For that reason, the software commands and control interface are examined very carefully to understand how each feature is likely to be used in the real world. Then the design is optimized for maximum user convenience. In many cases where the operator must adjust settings, there is an "automatic" mode or assistance for extracting the necessary information using the mouse. The most complex operations are supported by "Wizards" which lead you through the process step-by-step. Virtually all processing functions include "instant previews" which show you how the image will look after processing.

  4. Features:
      MaxIm DL/CCD includes a huge variety of image processing and camera control features, all of which are designed to meet the specific needs of CCD camera users. In fact, quite a few of the features in the package are there by popular request from our customers. Advanced features like Maximum Entropy Deconvolution (MaxEnt) are included in the standard package, at no extra cost.

  5. Design:
      It is said that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, but don't be fooled by look-alikes! Why is the Maxim DL user interface design attracting so much attention? Because it was designed by people who actually use CCD cameras, who understand how products should be designed, and who do not consider craftsmanship to be a lost art. What most competitors can not duplicate is the craftsmanship that goes inside the product, the careful structure, and attention to detail that makes for a robust, stable software platform.

  6. Manual and On-Line Help:
      The trend in the software industry is to eliminate the user manual in favor of on-line help; Cyanogen thinks this approach is a mistake. And so while there are on-line help supplements to the traditional instruction manual, on-line help doesn't replace it. This software includes a well written, spiral bound, comprehensive user manual. It includes tutorial information, tips, and explanations of all program functions.

      On-line help is a great convenience, especially when you are working in the field. We include two types of context-sensitive help: "What's This?" help, where you can ask for information on each control, and regular help where you can ask for a complete summary of a particular dialog box. There is also general information that can be accessed through the help menu. About 70% of the user manual is on-line.

  7. Ongoing Improvement:
      There is an ongoing effort at Cyanogen to constantly improve and extend their product. In fact, these products are designedto accommodate expansion. The software is designed in a modular fashion that makes it easy to plug in new components, including image processing algorithms, and CCD camera interfaces.

  8. More Camera Interfaces:
      MaxIm CCD includes a plug-in driver interface that makes it easy for Cyanogen (and others) to add new cameras. That is why MaxIm CCD controls far more CCD camera models than any other competing package. A number of our customers are controlling their own custom-built cameras using their own plug-in drivers. MaxIm CCD is the first third-party software to support the full line of Meade Instruments cameras (including SCSI and serial) and the SBIG Model AO-7 adaptive optics accessory.

  9. Upgrades:
      Minor version upgrades via web download are free for one year from the date of purchase. These upgrades do not just include bug fixes, they will also include new camera drivers, performance enhancements, and widely-requested additional features. Customers receive discounted prices for major upgrades.

  10. Support:
      Cyanogen and Company Seven support what we sell, and we actually do answer our e-mail! Many companies seem to view technical support as a nuisance; we consider it an important part of overall customer satisfaction. In the unlikely event that you experience any problems with our products, please e-mail "" or "", or call Diffraction Limited or Company Seven. If you have suggestions for future improvements, by all means pass them along as we record all customer suggestions and implement the most popular ideas.


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