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Fujinon Compass Illuminator

Fujinon Compass Illuminator (117,110 Bytes) Several of the Fujinon binoculars sold by Company Seven are provided with a magnetic compass and reticle. This permits one to judge distance from the binocular to the target. The compass is illuminated by natural light however, at dusk or in other low light conditions it may become difficult to read the degree indicator dial of the compass. To solve this problem, we offer to customers who buy their marine binocular from Company Seven, an optional illuminator. The illuminator is a slip fit device, attaching onto the Compass of a Fujinon binocular.

Right: Fujinon Compass Illuminator shown with provided box and battery (117,110 Bytes).
Click on image to see enlarged view (247,182 bytes)

It is a simple matter to slip the illuminator over the binoculars' compass, ideally pointing the battery cover forward and towards the 50 mm object end of the binocular. In this way it is a simple matter to push the illuminator on switch to take a bearing when needed, and the low level red light does not adversely impact the observer's night vision!

This is a sensitive slip on component made of plastic. It is not going to survive dramatic impact or forces. We recommend removing the Compass Illuminator if you will find yourself covered with large waves.

Notes About The Fujinon Binocular Compass Scale

Below: Fujinon Compass Scale, and showing the area illuminated at right (15,457 and 17,849 Bytes).

Fujinon Compass Reticle (117,110 Bytes) Fujinon Compass Illuminated Reticle (117,110 Bytes)

  • Compass Bearing: 360 equals North, 270 = West, 180 = South, and 90 = East. This is a helpful scale when attempting to determine the relative bearing of an object or landmark to the observer. Note this is based on magnetic pole orientation, in order to obtain a truly accurate compass reading then one must consult local maps to factor in local deviation. Furthermore, this compass is not designed to take bearings of objects overhead.

  • The eyepiece incorporates a graduated reticle display elevation and azimuth divisions in Mils, where 1 Mil is equal to the angle needed to view a 1 meter object at a distance of 1,000 meters. The scale is up to 70 mil vertically and 80 Mils horizontally. at intervals of 5 Mils. So when measuring distance accurately, it is necessary to know the size of the object. Distance = object size divided by the reading on the scale x 1,000.

  • In order to measure object size then it is necessary to know the distance to the object. Size = distance x reading on the scale divided by 1,000.

Fujinon Compass Illuminator On (95,160 Bytes)

Fujinon Compass Illuminator Specifications

Light Source Red LED
Light Switch Momentary Pushbutton
Battery Spec Panasonic CR1620 (provided)
Battery Rating Three (3) Volt
Weight (with battery) 0.5 oz / 14 g
Diameter of Housing 46.85 mm (1.84 inches)
Max. Length of Housing 75.1 mm (2.96 inches)
Max. Height 25.6 mm (1 inch)

* Specifications are subject to change without notice.

Right: Fujinon Compass Illuminator shown ON, installed on Fujinon 7x 50mm FMTRC-SX Binocular (95,160 Bytes).
Click on image to see enlarged view (140,568 bytes)


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