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newmov.gif (26193 bytes)2004 update:  A new version of the CCD retains the higher QE of the previous model but improves the read noise, bright pixels and dark current significantly.  Click here for more information.

newmov.gif (26193 bytes)2004 update:  A single shot color version of this camera is also available.  Click here for more information.

Our customers have been invaluable sources of inspiration and direction.  It was in direct response to customer inquiries that we developed the ST-2000XM.  Now those casual imagers who wanted something bigger and better but not at such a high price as the ST-8 or ST-10 have got what they asked for.  The ST-2000XM has been developed to meet the needs of the astro imager looking for:

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KAI-2000M 2 Megapixel CCD

A first for SBIG, the new model ST-2000XM uses an high quality interline CCD from Kodak, the KODAK DIGITAL SCIENCE™ KAI-2001M Image Sensor Megapixel Progressive Scan Interline CCD.  The KODAK DIGITAL SCIENCETM KAI-2001M is a high-performance multi-megapixel image sensor designed for a wide range of scientific, medical imaging, and machine vision applications. The 7.4 mm square pixels with microlenses provide high sensitivity and the large full well capacity results in high dynamic range. The vertical overflow drain structure provides antiblooming protection, and enables electronic shuttering for precise exposure control. Other features include low dark current, negligible lag and low smear.  The KAI-2001M CCD is a 2 megapixel progressive scan detector with an active image area of 1.92 million pixels.   The active image area is 1600 x 1200 pixels.  This array is 75% larger than the Sony CCD used in competitors' "megapixel" cameras and the ST-2000XM is a self-guiding camera, utilizing SBIG's patented dual sensor design.  The imaging CCD is nearly the same size as the KAF-1602E used in the ST-8XE but due to the smaller pixel size it contains nearly half a million more pixels than the ST-8XE.  Full frame download time is approximately 4.5 seconds with our new high speed USB electronics.   This camera is also fully compatible with all of our existing accessories such as the CFW8 filter wheel and AO-7 adaptive optics device.  The ST-2000XM has antiblooming protection and the quantum efficiency is comparable to the ABG versions of the new enhanced full frame "E" detectors used in the ST-7XE cameras with a shift in the peak sensitivity toward the blue.  Compared to the ABG versions of the full frame "E" series cameras, the ST-2000XM is more sensitive in the blue and green, and slightly less sensitive in the red.  Moreover, because the ST-2000XM has two CCDs (a guiding CCD as well as an imaging CCD) in the same camera head, it is capable of self-guiding without any compromise in the quantum efficiency of the imaging CCD.  In other words, not only CAN it self-guide, it can do so without having to double the exposure time to compensate for the guiding feature.

The ST-2000XM is a complete camera system.  There is no need to add in the additional cost of an interface or an autoguider or a nosepiece or better software to make these cameras actually operate as they should.  Everything that is needed to make the camera operational is included in the base price.  We even include some non-essential, but desirable, items such as a custom hard carrying case and extra nosepiece.

To see a page of sample images taken with the ST-2000XM click here.

Each ST-2000XM camera system INCLUDES at no additional cost:


Typical Specifications
as of August, 2004

CCD Specifications

CCD Kodak KAI-2020M
+ TI TC-237H
Pixel Array 1600 x 1200 pixels,
11.8 x 8.9 mm
Total Pixels 1.92 million
Pixel Size 7.4 x 7.4 microns
Full Well Capacity (Unbinned) ~45,000 e-
Full Well Capacity (Binned) ~90,000 e-
Typical Dark Current < 0.1e/pixel/sec at 0 C
Antiblooming Standard


Readout Specifications

Shutter Electromechanical
Exposure 0.001 to 3600 seconds,
Correlated Double Sampling Yes
A/D Converter 16 bits
A/D Gain Unbinned = 0.6 e-/ADU
Binned = 1.4 e-/ADU
Typical Read Noise < 8 e- RMS
Binning Modes 1 x 1, 2 x 2, 3 x 3, and
1 x N, 2 x N, 3 x N
Digitization Rate ~ 425khz
Full Frame Acquisition ~ 4.5 seconds


Optical Specifications (8" f/10)

Field of View 20 x 15 arcminutes
Pixel Size 0.75 x 0.75 arcseconds
Limiting Magnitude (est.) Magnitude 14 in 1 second
(for 3 arcsec FWHM stars) Magnitude 18 in 1 minute


System Specifications

Cooling - standard Single Stage Thermoelectric, Active Fan with Water Assist
-35 C from Ambient Typical without water
-45 C from Ambient Typical
with water
Temperature Regulation 0.1C
Power 5 VDC at 1.5 amps, 12 VDC at 0.5 amp desktop power supply included
Computer Interface USB
Computer Compatibility Windows 98/2000/Me/NT/XP
Guiding Dual CCD Self-Guiding


Physical Dimensions

Optical Head 5 inches diameter x 3 inches 12.5 cm diameter x 7.5 deep 2 pounds/0.9 Kg
CPU All electronics integrated into Optical Head, No CPU
Mounting T-Thread, 1.25" and 2" nosepieces included
Backfocus 0.92 inches


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