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Pier-Tech Trademark Pier-Tech, Inc. was established for the purpose of making fixed and portable Piers that can accept astronomical German Equatorial or Fork Mounts or other instruments. In time they expanded their production to develop astronomical observatories with slide-off roof, and most recently in 2008 they expanded production to include observatory domes for use by professional and home astronomical observatories.

Company Seven became aware of this developing company because of their increasing selection of roll-off roof observatories and telescope piers. Initially we recommended Pier-Tech Piers as among the best choice because they excellent design, quality of construction, and choices:

    1. fully machined construction of durable yet comparatively lightweight aluminum with stainless steel fasteners
    2. the piers are anodized with parts powder coated as well in any one of a number of color options
    3. models are available for use in fixed locations (observatory or stand alone), or with optional leg and castor attachment most can be mobile
    4. fixed height piers made to the customers preference of height
    5. motorized adjustable height models are ideal for storing telescope below slide-off roof level, for standing or sitting, and facilitate handicapped access
    6. permanent piers include Anchor Plate to bolt onto a platform, and include long 'J' Bolts to set into a concrete foundation
    7. optional accessories include: Pier-Caddy to permit moving the Pier on smooth surfaces, Laptop Tray, Eyepiece Tray
    8. motorized elevating piers can be controlled locally or remotely with optional Auto-Pier Telescope Pier Control Software and Hardware, or tied into Advanced Observatory Control Software and Hardware a comprehensive observatory remote control system (ASCOM compatible)
    9. AC powered yet these models can operate from the optional battery with inverter or from the Solar Panel Power System.

Pier models include we will soon provide links to allow you to see and read about each model:

  • Tri-Pier1: a fixed height pier (choose between 30 to 70 inch) that may be bolted in for permanent use too, 600 pound capacity.

  • Tri-Pier2: a portable adjustable height elevating pier that may also be bolted in for permanent use too, 400 pound capacity.

  • Pier-Tech 1: fixed height 28 or 48 inch standard can be made to custom length, 400 pound capacity.

  • Pier-Tech 2: motorized adjustable height 30.5 to 50.5 or 31.5 to 51.5 inches, 215 pound capacity. Shares the same Anchor Plate as the Pier-Tech 3, so it is a simple matter matter to upgrade in time if your payload requirements increase.

  • Pier-Tech 3: motorized adjustable height 28.5 to 48.5 or 29.5 to 49.5 inches, 800 pound capacity.

  • Pier-Tech 4: motorized adjustable height 26 to 48 inches, 1,600 pound capacity.

  • Pier-Tech 2 / Pier-Tech 1 Combo: motorized adjustable height but higher extensions (up to 77 inches) for longer telescopes including refractors, 215 pound capacity.

  • Pier-Tech 3 / Pier-Tech 1 Combo: motorized adjustable height but higher extensions (up to 77 inches) for longer telescopes including refractors, 800 pound capacity.

Pier-Tech also makes the Latiwedge, a fixed angle equatorial wedge to facilitate precise Pole Alignment of Fork Mounted telescopes and other equipment atop their Piers. The Latiwedge telescope pier wedge is custom made specifically for the customer's latitude. So unlike other telescope pier wedges that can be adjusted in latitude, Latiwedge eliminates the guess work on whether your wedge is truly set at the correct angle. Fine adjustments for azimuth are included, while adjustments for tilt and leveling are performed on the Pier, or for dramatic relocation by changing Latitude Risers too.

We invite you to contact Company Seven to learn more about our Pier-Tech products. Furthermore, we can provide as much support as you may need including: consulting and sales, facility preparation (foundation work, utilties, permits), construction, systems integration, and operator training.


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