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Pier-Tech Trademark Tele-Station 2 observatory Pier-Tech, Inc. is a US based manufacturing company. The company was established for the purpose of making fixed and portable Piers that can accept astronomical German Equatorial or Fork Mounts or other instruments. In time they expanded their production to develop astronomical observatories with slide-off roof, and most recently in 2008 they expanded production to include observatory domes for use by professional and home astronomical observatories, and planetaria constructed of galvanized steel in diameters from 8 feet (2.4m) up to 30 foot 6 inches (9.3 meters)! So by 2008 Pier-Tech was offering almost everything that an amateur or professional astronomer could want to house their telescope or other project.

Right:Tele-Station 2 observatory with roof open. Note telescope and mount atop Pier-Tech 3 elevating pier extended.

Company Seven became aware of this developing company because of their increasing selection of roll-off roof observatories and telescope piers. And even though we do offer observatory domes for sale, and our own observatory is in a superb dome, there were times when we deduced that our customer might be better served with a roll-off roof observatory and we therefore would recommend a Pier-Tech Tele-Station with a Pier as among the first choices. While no observatory structural arrangement is a perfect solution since each brings with it some compromises, there are instances when the roll-off roof arrangement may be preferred over a dome:

  • when the observer prefers to have a more 'open to the sky' experience, free to glance from horizon to horizon
  • when the owner prefers to have a lower profile structure that does not readily advertise the presence of a telescope
  • when the owner prefers (or spouse demands) to have a lower profile structure that blends better than a spherical dome with the associated architecture
  • at sites where protection from high winds is not a concern
  • at sites were shielding from neighboring lights are not necessary

And among the aspects that make Pier-Tech products particularly attractive are:
    1. The Pier-Tech roll-off roof panel is supported atop the metal structure with no need for outriggers or unsightly and space wasting exterior support tracks and frames. See the video at right to understand how unobtrusive this arrangement can be.

    2. The Pier-Tech roll-off roof can be supplied either atop a square or rectangular metal support structure to be delivered complete and operate standalone, or the roll-off roof may be purchased separately and installed atop an existing or custom made structure.

    3. The Pier-Tech Domes provide shelter from winds, ambient lighting, and dew. They assure privacy and can bring that emotional satisfaction that only comes when standing in the presence of a traditional observatory dome.

    4. Pier-Tech has developed a comprehensive array of systems and accessories for their observatories providing: manual or motorized operation, automation for local or remote control, wired or wireless, and even Solar Panels for remote installations or simply for those who wish to make an environmental statement. For example, their Advanced Observatory Control Software and Hardware in particular is a very well thought out solution.

    5. Pier-Tech has developed a comprehensive solution not only of observatories but also offers portable or installed fixed-height piers and motorized elevating piers. Elevating piers can be controlled remotely by the Auto-Pier Telescope Pier Control Software and Hardware.

    6. However Pier-Tech products are purchased from Company Seven, they are engineered and provided in largely assembled form and with good documentation so that installation and set up will go smoothly - even for the mere mortal.

    7. Company Seven's staff can be your complete source of Pier-tech products information, sales, installation and service (for items sold by us). Company Seven's team has learned much about building Observatories (including those by Pier-Tech) by doing, and so we can help the construction by you or your contractor go even faster and better or we can build it for you. We will provide as much support as you prefer: consulting and sales, facility preparation (foundation work, utilties, permits), construction and assembly, systems integration, and operator training.

Right: Click on image to see the streaming video of the amazing Tele-Station 2 Observatory with Pier-Tech 2 elevating Pier.
Video will download in Apple Quicktime format. The one minute presentation amounts to 31,166,260 bytes.

By 2008 Pier-Tech products's best credentials by then were their ever increasing base of satisfied customers including amateurs and:

    Professional Institutions

      European Space Agency
      United States Air Force
      Oceanit Labs
      Sensing Strategies
      Mitre Corporation
      Lockheed Martin

    Universities and Colleges

      University Of North Dakota
      University of Wisconsin Lacrosse
      Texas A&M University
      Houston Community College
      Keystone College
      University of Washington
      Stroudsburg University
      Sheppard University
      Appalachian University
      Widener University
      University of San Mateo

    Public Institutions

      Franklin Science Museum
      New Mexico State Parks
      Virginia living Museum
      New York Hall of Science

Company Seven became convinced this product line had evolved to provide such a comprehensive solution for our customers. When one of our customers in Maryland took our advice to consider a Pier-Tech observatory and pier, the customer asked us to provide a 'turn key' solution: the telescope with mount atop a Pier-Tech 2 Pier, all within a Pier-Tech Tele-Station 2 observatory. And so beginning in July 2008 among their best endorsements is the fact that Company Seven, one of the most accomplished remaining specialty astronomical instruments companies, saw fit to make these products available and with our services too! We invite you to contact Company Seven to learn what we and our Pier-Tech products can do to make your observing sessions more frequent and more rewarding.

ATA Cases comply with 'Made In The USA' Standards (176,573 Bytes) Pier-Tech Products Are Made In The USA: this original and innovative product line is completely designed and all mechanical components are fully made in the USA. We look forward to even more innovations as this line continues to develop.

There is no law that requires most products sold in the U.S.A. to be marked or labeled as such, or make any representation about their amount if U.S. made content. However we guarantee our Universal Astronomics products comply with the United States Federal Trade Commission's 'Made In USA' policy. For a product to be called Made in USA, or claimed to be of domestic origin without qualifications or limits on the claim, the product must be "all or virtually all" made in the United States. The term "United States" as referred to the FTC's Enforcement Policy Statement Complying With The Made In USA Standard, includes the 50 states (yes including Hawaii), the District of Columbia, and the U.S. territories and possessions. The term "all or virtually all" means that all significant parts and processing that go into making the product must be of US origin; that is to say the product contains none or virtually no foreign content.


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