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Pier-Tech Trademark Pier-Tech, Inc. is a US based manufacturing company. The company was established for the purpose of making fixed and portable Piers that can accept astronomical German Equatorial or Fork Mounts or other instruments. In time they expanded their production to develop astronomical observatories with slide-off roof, and most recently in 2008 they expanded production to include observatory domes for use by professional and home astronomical observatories, and planetaria constructed of galvanized steel in diameters from 8 feet (2.4m) up to 30 foot 6 inches (9.3 meters)! So by 2008 Pier-Tech was offering almost everything that an amateur or professional astronomer could want to house their telescope or other project.

Tele-Station 2 Roll Off Roof Observatory Company Seven became aware of this developing company because of their increasing selection of roll-off roof observatories and telescope piers. And even though we do offer observatory domes for sale, and our own observatory is in a superb dome, there were times when we deduced that our customer might be better served with a roll-off roof observatory and we therefore would recommend Pier-Tech as the first choice. While no observatory structural arrangement is a perfect solution since each brings with it some compromises, there are instances when the roll-off roof arrangement may be preferred over a dome.

Right: Tele-Station 2 Observatory with Paramount ME German Equatorial Mount supporting two Apos refractors.
Click on image to see enlarged view (165,980 bytes).

Advantages Of A Roll-Off Roof Observatory:

  • when the observer prefers to have a more 'open to the sky' experience, free to glance from horizon to horizon

  • the open roof arrangement allows the instruments to reaches thermal equilibrium faster than in a dome. And this eliminates the possibility of having a 'chimney effect' develop as hot air rises up and through the open slit of a dome.

  • with the roll-off roof completely retracted there is no need to buy complicated and costly Dome automation equipment and software to keep the Dome shutter opening tracking along with the telescope

  • when the owner prefers to have a lower profile structure that does not readily advertise the presence of a telescope

  • when the owner prefers (or spouse demands) to have a lower profile structure that blends better than a dome with the associated architecture

  • makes the best sense at sites where protection from high winds is not a concern

  • provides shielding from lower placed neighboring lights

This Makes Tele-Station Particularly Attractive:
    1. Unique roof design to assure protection of the contents and longevity. The aluminum roof consists of five panels, and these have overlapping seams assuring a complete waterproof seal.

    2. The roll-off roof panel is supported atop the metal structure without outriggers or unsightly and space-wasting exterior support tracks and framing. Track supports telescope in and out to support the roof as it moves. See the video at right to understand how unobtrusive this arrangement can be.

    3. The Tele-Station 2 roll-off roof is provided atop a square or rectangular metal structure that can be anchored onto the ground or onto any type of floor with our supplied anchoring hardware. The same basic roll-off roof component can be purchase complete and standalone as the Tele-Station 3 to be installed atop an existing or custom made structure.

    4. The roll-off roof can be opened or closed manually, or by means of the optional electric motor provided with a wireless remote control. And if power to the motorized system fails, then the roof can still be operated manually.

    5. This is an aesthetically pleasing design with choice of exterior panel colors. Its unique aluminum framing is slotted along the entire Tele-Station exterior walls so that the exterior can be covered to blend in even better with its surrounds.

    6. Pier-Tech has engineered a comprehensive array of accessories for their observatories including:

      • Pier-Tech has developed a comprehensive solution not only of observatories but also offers telescope motorized elevating Piers that extend and retract beyond the roof level. This means one can observe from horizon to zenith!

      • Optional control systems to permit complete remote operation of the observatory with commands transmitted by hardwire or by cellular communications. The Tele-Station can be operated as a fully remote observatory system with the optional Pier-Tech 2 or Pier-Tech 3 controlled with our Advanced Observatory Control Software & Hardware - all from the comfort of your own home or from another part of the world, with the optional Wi-Fi or Cell tower Communication Module.

      • Solar Panel Power System to operate remote installations or simply for those who wish to make an environmental statement.

    7. Pier-Tech products are engineered and provided largely assembled and with good documentation so that installation and set up will go smoothly - even for the mere mortal. For example walls and roof panels bolt together using only one (1) tool, a supplied Allen wrench!!!

    8. Tele-Station can be disassembled and relocated easily. And so reuse of the space is facilitated for the next occupant of the property.

    9. Company Seven can provide as much support as the customer prefers: consulting and sales, facility preparation (foundation work, utilties, permits), construction, systems integration, and operator training. Just tell us what type of telescope and mount you have, and we can take care of the rest.

    10. Company Seven preaches "the best telescope is the one that gets used". And so the convenience of having the telescope set up in an observatory, with the mount aligned and ready to go increases the instances when the owner will enjoy the night sky.

Above Right: Click on image to see the streaming video of the amazing "TeleStation 2 Observatory with Pier-Tech 2 elevating Pier".
Video will download in Apple Quicktime format. The one minute presentation amounts to 31,166,260 bytes.

Product Gallery  click on the picture to view enlarged image

7x7 Tele-Station 2 internal view with Pier-Tech 3 supporting
ME German mount with 12" RC telescope

Tele-Station 2 7x7 with Pier-Tech 2 supporting 14" LX200

7x7 Tele-Station 2 Roof Open


Tele-Station 2 9x9 with Pier-Tech 2

Tele-Station 2 9x9 with Pier-Tech 2

9x9 Tele-Station 2 Observatory housing a Meade 14" LX200
on a Pier-Tech 2 adjustable height pier


8x8 Tele-Station 2 Roof Open

8x8 Tele-Station 2 Roof Open, Night

8x8 Tele-Station 2 with Meade 14RCX, roof open and pier raised

8x8 Tele-Station 2 roof open, pier raised door view

Tele-Station 2 side view

8x8 Tele-Station 2 roof closed

8x8 Tele-Station 2 with Pier-Tech 2 extended

9x9 Tele-Station 2 roof ppen

9x9 Solar Panel Power System powered Tele-Station 2

Tele-Station 2 Solar Panel

7x7 Tele-Station 2 roof ppen

10x10 Tele-Station 2

10x10 Tele-Station 2 roof closed

8x8 Tele-Station 2 roof closed

Tele-Station 2 with Meade 14" RCX400 on extended Pier-Tech 2

7x7 Tele-Station 2

10x10 Tele-Station 2 fully robotic observatory housing a 16 SCT on
a ME mount. Note a 7x7 Tele-Station 2 in the background.

Pier-Tech automation hardware and Wi-Fi module


Available Options
Click on item to view image of the product, or link to the product description page
Motorized roof with wireless hand pendant controller P.O.R.
Cloud Sensor with mounting and wiring P.O.R.
Solar Panel Power System: Solar Panel, inverter, battery, charge controller, with all wiring and mounting equipment P.O.R.
Vantage Pro2 weather station with mounting and wiring P.O.R.
Built in storage box along whole length, inside of the observatory P.O.R.
Advanced control software and hardware for full robotic operation, ASCOM compatible. Includes controller, limit switches on roof and pier. P.O.R.
Awning, mounted, covers front of observatory P.O.R.
Pier-Tech 2 Telescope Pier P.O.R.
Pier-Tech 3 Telescope Pier P.O.R.
Telescope Vibration Isolation platform. Eliminates vibration to mount induced by walking around the pier or tripod P.O.R.
Personalized, custom signage on door of observatory or any side panels P.O.R.


Tele-Station 2 Roll Off Roof Observatory Pricing:
Item # Description Price  
TS2-7x7x6 7 x 7 x 6h P.O.R.
TS2-7x10x6 7 x 10 x 6h Contact C7  
TS2-7x14x6 7 x 14 x 6h Contact C7  
TS2-8x8x6 8 x 8 x 6h P.O.R.
TS2-8x16x19 8 x 16 x 19h Contact C7  
TS2-9x9x6 9 x 9 x 6h P.O.R.
TS2-9x18x19 9 x 18 x 19h Contact C7  
TS2-10x10x6 10 x 10 x 6h P.O.R.
TS2-10x15x6 10 x 15 x 6h Contact C7  
TS2-10x20x6 10 x 20 x 6h Contact C7  

Tele-Station 6 Is Available In Your Choice Of 12 Colors:


Sunset Red

Bright Yellow

Royal blue

Candy Apple Red

Ivy Green

Raven Black

Silver Metallic

Matte Black


Regal Bronze

Sand Beige