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Company Seven Astro-Optics Division is a well regarded resource for the international professional astronomical, nature watching, and law enforcement/defense communities; we also serve the more demanding amateur. Company Seven will be your primary source of information regarding Questar products, prices, estimated delivery dates, and the progress of your order. Company Seven is the only international Questar agent that is so capable that we also represent the highly technical Surveillance and Long Distance Microscopes product lines for Questar.

Company Seven maintains a unique display of the Questar 3-1/2 and Questar Seven telescopes with a collection of current accessories, antique items, and other articles of historical interest at our Laurel, Maryland showroom. For directions to visit our showroom in text or with maps please refer to the Directions to Our Showroom page on line. Feel free to visit the showroom, or call 301-953-2000, or contact Company Seven by computer. Company Seven's highly expert staff will be your counsel to assist you to tailor an instrument to meet your personal goals, or the mission of your agency.

Company Seven is a registered U.S. Department of Defense contractor registered with DLA and with ORCA.


In an effort to inform and advise our clientele Company Seven has worked diligently to describe and illustrate the Questar products at this site. We have written a well thought out introductory article explaining the primary considerations involved when selecting a new Questar telescope, this is on line at our Questar Library section. We encourage all to read and study this site at leisure. The current prices of our Questar consumer products are maintained at our Pricing page. With our understanding of the Questar and competing systems Company Seven is in a unique position to advise a client about which instrument will best meet their needs, how it may be configured, and how it may compare against alternative products and lines.


Company Seven is actively involved with design and manufacture and repair. We are closely involved with the factory which makes the Questar optics (nearby our showroom in Maryland) as we have been with the development of new products and refinements with Questar. When a new system arrives at Company Seven, our technicians conduct a most thorough evaluation of each instrument (optical, mechanical, electronic, and cosmetic) to assure that your telescope represents the very best example of what Questar is capable of delivering, and is complete as you requested it. As we do this with every telescope which we offer, our technicians gain experience to detect even the slightest discrepancies. During this course we then produce a comprehensive survey report characterizing the photo and visual potential of the telescope; this information has proved very helpful to our customers. We mean it when we say

"demanding people buy Questar, the most demanding order theirs from Company Seven"

We can arrange delivery of a Questar system world-wide. When you receive your order it will become obvious that a great deal of care was also given to the manufacture of, and safe packing of each item. The instruments are so rugged and well packaged that it is rare that any component is damaged during transit. And finally, our customers are invited to attend our complimentary program of instruction in our showroom. The course follows a specific syllabus has been carefully written and is followed by our instructors to help to assure the long term success of our clientele. Customers from around the world have found our introductory programs to be most insightful. On site training for you can be arranged on a fee plus travel cost basis.

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