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For all Questar 3-½ inch field or astronomical telescopes

Questar Counterweight & Brace (34,780 bytes).

Ever since the introduction of the Questar telescope in 1954 countless owners have attached cameras or other heavy devices (binocular viewing attachments, etc.) onto the Axial Port of the telescope and pointed it up to the heavens, or onto a bird nest, or over to a neighbors home to capture images. The Questar itself is so compact and light weight that any load attached onto the rear of the telescope tends to pull back on the instrument and this imbalance perpetuates any vibrations that might be introduced by handling the telescope: focusing, releasing a camera shutter, or even the vibrations from the mirror slap or shutter of an SLR camera. In order to relive the stresses of imbalance on the Questar Fork Mount or a tripod Company Seven recommends the use of the Questar Counterweight.

Right: Questar Counterweight & Brace (34,780 bytes)
Click on the image to see enlarged view (127,942 bytes).

The Questar Counterweight consists of a flexible sheet of lead lined material with a lightweight Brace. The Counterweight has hook and pile fabric so that the weight can be wrapped around the Lens Shade or Barrel of the telescope. In order to keep the Counterweight in place, to keep the weight with Lens Shade from retracting when pointing up, or falling off when carrying it about in the field, the set is provided with a lightweight rigid Brace. The Brace has hook material on the tapered end, and a hole precisely cut at the wider end. The hole in the Brace allows one to attach the Brace on the telescope and hold it in place by threading an eyepiece through the hole, or even by threading the entire Eyepiece Holder through this hole.

Questar Duplex with Counterweight (56,673 bytes)
The Counterweight is fastened around the Lens Shade by means of the hook and pile material. When attaching the Counterweight insure the larger fabric pile material faces out, away from the telescope. Next install the Brace with its hook material facing in towards the telescope Counterweight. Rotate the Counterweight and attach the hook and pile sections of the weight and Brace to one another, this holds the Counterweight precisely in place - extended or retracted to the point that works best for you.

Right: Questar Duplex telescope with Counterweight and Brace attached (266,382 bytes).
Click on the image to see enlarged view (56,673 bytes).

Questar 3-1/2 with Counterweight only Questar Counterweight installed
fastened onto retracted Questar 3-½ Lens Shade.
Note the Velcro faces out.
Questar 3-1/2 with Counterweight with brace Questar Counterweight with Brace installed
fastened onto extended Questar 3-½ Lens Shade
with Brace fastened to prevent retraction


Component Weight*
Counterweight 1 lb. 1.6 Oz. / 498 Grams
Brace 0.9 Oz. / 24 Grams

* Specifications given are as measured by Company Seven in August 2009, subject change.


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