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QUESTAR SZ180 Motorized Step Zoom Lens

Questar Step Zoom 180 Front Left (64,977 bytes).

Illustrated above: Questar Step Zoom 180 Optical Tube Assembly (48,532 bytes).
Standard finishes are in White with either Black or White front Window Cell, or all Black
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The Questar Step Zoom 180 Multi Focal Length Optical System is a relatively compact and lightweight, fully motorized, parfocusing (as magnification is changed the instrument can automatically refocus to compensate), rugged, microprocessor controlled Maksutov Cassegrain Catadioptric Optical system with a clear aperture of 178 mm and a base focal length of 2400 mm at F/13.5, with a focal length range in steps of between 635 mm to 4800 mm. While the MFL systems are have manually operated control functions, the SZ functions can all be controlled remotely from a simple to learn and use keypad/terminal. The lens is weatherized with seals and "O" rings throughout, and with protective optical flat windows at the front and rear.

The SZ180 system internal optical components and baffling system have been designed to maximize light transmission and minimize all optical aberrations to increase overall system performance to unprecedented 1/6 wave PV minimum; and so it is able to read license plates at 2.5 km and identify ships at 20 km. Each instrument is tested to assure at least 0.7 Arc Second resolution. The enhanced mechanics provide for a rapid focal length and focus transition when in the Parfocal mode, with switching generally not to exceed 1 second.

Resistant to dust and rain, this is the most rugged and sophisticated long range surveillance lens available in the medium aperture market today. The internal mechanics allow this unit to tolerate high G loads while maintaining boresight accuracy at each focal length. It is available in both a permanent site fully integrated system or a rapid deployment configuration for mounting on customer supplied equipment. It is designed for modest power requirements. Optional accessories provide versatility and usefulness to meet most surveillance and many research mission requirements.

Questar Step Zoom 180 Telescope
Left: Questar Step Zoom 180 System with Control Keypad and optional video camera attached.

Each unit will come with hardware that will allow it to be controlled locally from a furnished microprocessor keypad controller, or from a lap top computer's Com Port, or by modem for longer distances telecommunication. The system software has the ability to control or monitor features such as Focus, Focal Length, Filter Position, Automatic light control (ALC), and more.

The SZ 180 system comes equipped to accept any standard video camera with "C mount" lens thread. The system is equipped with four selectable focal lengths, and up to five selectable filters. This permits the system to operate at relatively low magnifications providing a wide field of view, or zoom in to reveal very fine details in a distant target.

SZ180 Available Effective Focal Lengths:

The system is typically employed with video cameras with 2/3 inch diagonal CCD formats, larger detectors would provide wider fields of view. An example of the range of field of view is illustrated in the following table:

Questar Step Zoom 180 Field of View Table
Above: Possible fields of view of Questar Step Zoom 180 System with optional 2/3" video camera
Field of View is from 0 to 70 Meters, Distance from 1 to 5 kilometers

SZ 180 Optical Specifications:

Terminal Keypad Control Description and Functions:

Mechanical Specifications:
Questar Step Zoom 180 Telescope Drawing
Illustrated above: Questar Step Zoom 180 System Outboard Profile Drawing

Available Options Include:


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