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Rigel Systems Product Prices: 1 January 2007

Please refer to the pages we have posted at the Rigel section within our Internet site for comprehensive descriptions of the products. Or you may visit our showoom to see these prioducts, or contact Company Seven to discuss your particular needs in detail.

Prices are subject to change, and are quoted in U.S. Dollars. Prices do not include shipping from Company Seven if required. We regularly ship these items in small parcels by either U.S. Mail, or Federal Express. Overseas shipments originate in Washington, D.C. and go by Air Mail.

Rigel Products:

Item Price
nFOCUS $50.00
PulsGuide Illuminator $40.00
PulsGuide Illuminator with 12mm Kellner Guiding/Alignment Eyepiece $120.00
QuikFinder Red Illuminated Bullseye Sight $39.00
Skylite II Red/White LED Flashlight $35.00
Skylite mini Compact Red/White LED Flashlight $25.00
Starlite Red LED Flashlight $21.00


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