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TeleVue Focusmate™ Drive Motor

FocusMate and Driver

Focusing a Tele Vue telescope for visual or astrographic applications can now be smoother, more accurate and vibration free when you install the Focusmate™ two speed (6:1) geared focus control with the new Focusmate Driver. The Focusmate Driver is an adjustable speed electric motor that installs easily onto the Focusmate™ focus unit. The drive contacts the focus wheel by means of friction and so there is no periodic error (speeding up or slowing down due to any eccentricity). The drive is attached to an arm that can pivot and this combines to offer a unique quick disconnect for switching (without tools) between electric and manual operation.

Right: Focusmate geared focuser with optional Focusmate Driver motor (to the right) enmeshed.

If the optional TeleVue Digital Micrometer Kit is also installed then measurement of focus postition changes are possible to an unprecedented 0.0001 inch (1/10,000 inch). A gentle tap on the motor direction switch can produce steps as small as about 0.0005 inch (5/10,000 inch). The original kit (DMK-0002) has been replaced by models with a more elegant appearance and the capability to feed position via a RS232 interface to a computer with appropriate ASCOM compatible software. These kits are described and illustrated by Company Seven in our TeleVue Imaging Systems Accessories page.

All Tele Vue scopes having focusing knobs with the five hole hand knob set will accept the Focusmate assembly and the Focusmate Driver. All current production Tele Vue telescopes from the TV-76 up through the NP-127 now accept the Digital Micrometer Kit as well so that their fullest imaging and visual performance can be realized. Truly, focusing will be even better than you imagined.

    FDR-2001 For right-hand Focusmate Driver installation onto all 4 or 5 inch aperture TeleVue telescopes.

    FDL-2002 For left-hand Focusmate Driver installation onto all 4 or 5 inch aperture TeleVue telescopes.

    FDL-2002 is also used on the TV60is, the TV-76, and TV-85 telescopes. This is attached to a Focusmate mounted on the right-side. On the TV-76 and TV-85 this maintains full forward telescope positioning in the ring mount for balancing however, the optional PN APB-1008 balance aid is recommended.


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