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TeleVue 85 with Starbeam atop UA ULDLX Mount (169,910 bytes)

  • UniStar Light Alt Azimuth Mount for small telescopes

  • UniStar Alt Azimuth Mount for telescope payloads of up to about 30 lbs

  • UniMount Alt Azimuth Parallelogram Platform for most larger consumer binoculars.

  • Tripod UA wood field tripods to support UA Alt Azimuth Mounts.

  • Tripod Adapters to use UA Alt Azimuth Mounts on third party Field Tripods including those made by Losmandy and Meade Instruments Field Tripods.

Right: TeleVue 85 telescope. This is a 2011 production model with Feather Touch® focuser, Starbeam sight,
atop one of our Universal Astronomics alt-azimuth mount heads (93,130 bytes).
Click on image to see enlarged view (306,738 bytes).

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