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Williams Optics provides telescopes are as good as anyone has a right to expect given the prices paid. There can be some minor variances between lenses, but all of the lenses will have gone through acceptance testing when they are fabricated. It is possible that one lens may be a bit better than others, but to detect these differences one is likely to need to perform sophisticated tests that have the telescope operating in the upper reaches of its performance envelope.

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Left: The Product Warranty Certificate as provided with a William Optics FLT 110 Telescope. This is similar to what is provided with their better telescopes.
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QUALITY ASSURANCE: Company Seven remains the only U.S. retailer (as we are reminded by manufacturers) who inspects and comprehensively tests every new arriving telescope to insure the optics are as good as that which the factory is capable of making, and that it survived any "adjustments" in shipping. We work to insure that all components are included and nominally operational. And since we do evaluate every telescope that arrives, then we do have our finger on the "pulse" of production - we develop excellent experience in detecting any anomaly, even those so mild that the consumer might overlook.

Our tests are subjective evaluations where an experienced technician will evaluate the telescope by evaluating the in, at focus and out of focus diffraction patterns on a artificial star, and on resolution test targets. The entire mechanics of the telescope are evaluated to assure all is adjusted and moves as it should. We also check fit and finish of the entire assembly. Those telescopes that pass this testing are delivered with a document generated by Company Seven that will help the customer better understand the photographic and visual properties of the telescope; we also provide some trivial but interesting side notes.

Company Seven also inspects all major accessories to insure they have been assembled properly, and have not suffered in transit.


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