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    • PDF Icon"Testing the Zenithstar 110 Triplet Apo". Beautifully done complete 5 page color illustrated review of this versatile telescope. Includes sketches of Jupiter, reviews of deep sky obseving, discussion of experiences with imaging through the ZS 110 with a Digital SLR Camera accompanied by sample images of: The Great Nebula in Orion M-42, Saturn (with two of it's moons), and the Earth's Moon. Publication by Jan Adelaar and Fred Hissink of The Netherlands, Copyright 2007 all rights reserved. From Company Seven's Archives. Document is 8-1/2 x 11/69 inch, 1,352,741 bytes (in Acrobat Reader ".pdf" format).


    Product Manuals

    These William Optics documents are available for online viewing or for download as PDF Icon files.
    Adobe 'Acrobat Reader' is required to display or print a ".pdf" document. If you do not already have the software then download it free from Adobe's web site.

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      Telescopes 50-66mm
    ZenithStar 66 SD Manual
    ZenithStar 66 SD
    10 Pages (911 KB)

      Telescopes 80-90mm
    ZenithStar 80 FD Manual
    ZenithStar 80 FD
    12 Pages (1.29 MB)
    ZenithStar 80 II ED Manual
    ZenithStar 80 II ED
    11 Pages (4.45 MB)
    Megrez 90 Doublet APO Manual
    Megrez 90 APO
    8 Pages (2.25 MB)
    Megrez 80 Triplet APO Manual
    Megrez 80 APO
    12 Pages (1.28 MB)

      Telescopes 110mm
    FLT 110 Manual
    FLT 110
    20 Pages (1.34 MB)
    ZenithStar 110 Manual
    ZenithStar 110
    9 Pages (889 KB)

      Telescopes 130-150mm
    FLT 132 Manual
    FLT 132
    10 Pages (22.33 MB)

      Below: William Optics Product Sheet announcing their telescopes are now on display
      in one of America's last remaining telescope specialty stores.
      Click on image to see enlarged view.

    William Optics Product Sheet


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