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At last - an easy to use amateur telescope that can produce exquisite astrophotos with almost no effort and show excellent planetary images as well.

  • Short tube length and light weight for easy portability
  • Advanced optical design produces superb color correction
  • Fast optics for deep-sky observing and astrophotography
  • Field flattener available for 6x7cm photography


  • Very high corrections of spherical and chromatic aberrations
  • Visual and photographic focus is identical, eliminating the need for light-absorbing filters
  • Clear, colorfree glass types result in brighter, more contrasty images
  • Stunning lunar/planetary and deep-sky views
  • Ideal for 35mm and medium-format deep-sky astrophotography
  • High-resolution optics are a good match for fine-grained Technical Pan emulsions.


  • Felt-lined dewcap slides over cell for storage
  • Fully baffled tube and focuser assures highest contrast
  • Giant 2.7" focuser allows coverage of 6 x 7cm formats
  • 2" and 1.25" adapters with brass locking ring, 2.5" extension
  • Beautifully machined parts and expertly finished in hard polyurethane paint or black anodized
  • Aluminum lens cover to protect against dust
  • Sturdy foam-padded carrying case
Color correction: Less than 0.01 % focus variation from 405nm to 706nm (r to h wavelengths).
Clear aperture: 130mm (5.12")
Focal length: 780mm (30.7")
Resolution: 0.87 arc seconds
Coatings: Multi-layer, overall transmission greater than 97% in peak visual wavelengths
Magnification range: 22x to 500x
Tube assembly: White, 5.5" aluminum tube, baffled, flat black interior, engraved push-pull lens cell
Focuser type: 2.7" I.D. Astro-Physics rack & pinion focuser,4.5" travel; 2" and 1.25" adapters; 2.5" extension
Telescope length: 724mm (28.5") with dewcap fully retracted
Weight with dewcap: 15 lbs. (6.8kg)
Carrying-case type: Wood case with grey vinyl covering and foam-lined interior
Case outside dimensions: 31" x 9" x9" (79cm x 23cm x 23cm)
Weight of case: 14 lbs. (6.4kg)
35mm prime-focus field: 1.7 x 2.4 degrees @ f6
35mm telecompressor field: 2.3 x 3.3 degrees @ f4.5
35mm field with 2x Barlow: 0.9 x 1.2 degrees @ f12
6 x 7cm prime focus field: 4.4 x 5.1 degrees @ f6
* Specifications subject to change without notice.



Astro-Physics 13cm f8 EDT in case (47,524 bytes)
  • Company Seven's ATA Transport/Shipping Case: the case provided by Astro-Physics with each optical tube assembly is a reasonable balance of economy and performance for routine storage of a telescope in a temperature and humidity controlled environment. However, if you plan for long term storage, or if you intend to ship the telescope by commercial carrier or transport it as check in baggage on an airliner (observing oversize and overweight restrictions) then your peace of mind and telescope will both be better served with a custom engineered solution - an ATA case by Company Seven.

    Right: Company Seven ATA Case custom fitted for a Astro-Physics 13cm EDT Apochromat Telescope with 2.7 inch Focuser (65,974 bytes).
    Click on image to see enlarged view (215,942 bytes).

    Features include:

      1. custom fit to accommodate the telescope optical tube with or without accessories (Rings, Focuser, etc.)
      2. hand fitted velour lining over foams of varying densities to deal with anticipated loads
      3. weather resistant construction
      4. combination lock and hasp
      5. Fedex/UPS label plate
      6. choice of interior and exterior hard shell material and colors

    Astro-Physics 900 Mount Declination Housing (left side shown), with GTO Keypad Controller, and Counterweight Shaft in optional Company Seven ATA case (94,326 bytes)

    Left: Astro-Physics Model 900 Mount in optional Company Seven ATA case.
    Case 1 of 2 shown here, with Declination housing (left side shown) with GTO Keypad Controller
    and Counterweight Shaft (94,326 bytes).

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