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Change in 1.25" Filter Selectability

One of the strengths of Celestrons accessory line had been the selection and quality of their 1.25" color filters (mostly used for viewing the Planets, Sun, and Moon). In September 1996 Celestron had discontinued the practice of permitting its distributors to order color filters as individual units. This was supposedly in reply to requests from dealers who wish to simplify their inventory and cost customers more in the long run. However effective 24 February the retailer will be able to order filters in sets, or some as individuals:

  • Series 1: Wratten #21, 80A, ND-13, Polarizing
  • Series 2: Wratten #12, #25, #56, ND-25
  • Series 3: Wratten #23A, 38A, 58, ND-50
  • Series 4: Wratten #8, 15, 47, 82A
  • Singles: Wratten #12, 21, 25, 58, 80A, ND-13, ND-25, Polarizing
Some filters are deleted including one of the Neutral Density filters (we used to be able to offer 0.3, 0.6, and 0.9 densities), and some color filters (#15).

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