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Celestron Ultima 2000 Telescope Y2K Issues

The Celestron Ultima 2000 telescopes delivered in 1998 or earlier, and possibly some in 1999 may experience a "Y2K Bug" related problem. The set up "input date" function provides for only two date digits; this will affect the computer controlled telescope's ability to find the planets since it will think it is looking during the year 1900, 1901, etc.

This is a simple problem to diagnose, and to solve. Simply open the cover of the Ultima 2000 telescope Hand Control cover to visually inspect the ROM chip. If the ROM chip installed is labeled version 15.4 or earlier then this will indicate it is NOT Y2k compatible. If the ROM chip label indicates Version 15.5 or later then it is Y2K compliant.

Company Seven is providing an upgrade chip for those Ultima 2000 telescopes which we sold that are not Y2K compliant. Company Seven will provide to you the choice of either:

  1. return the Hand Control to Company Seven for the retrofit (we will reimburse shipping costs) or,
  2. make an appointment to bring the Hand Control to our showroom for service or,
  3. we can send the repair kit with instructions to you. We will need to confirm your current shipping address so that we can send this part to you free of charge.

We apologize for any inconvenience and will do all we can to minimize it.

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