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Engineered to meet the requirements of the professional and advanced amateur imaging specialists, EXFO supplies the microscopy illumination market with compact high-powered light sources that offer unparalleled convenience and performance for fluorescence cellular and materials imaging.

Our available X-Cite® series illuminator models include:

EXFO X-Cite 120 XL
X-Cite 120 XL

Most affordable, easy to
use - expected spectral response
EXFO X-Cite 120PC XL
X-Cite 120PC XL

Contollable via PC or
Macintosh OSX computers
EXFO X-Cite exacte
X-Cite exacte

Precisely regulated stability
and repeatability

Above: X-Cite Illumination Systems
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Advantages of X-Cite include:

  • several choices of illuminators, each varies by degree of automation and remote control ability
  • consistent spectral response
  • user variable output
  • long-life replaceable lamp
  • ease of lamp replacement
  • design eliminates having lamp heat source being near the object of study
  • compatible with Zeiss, Leice, Nikon, Olympus, and virtually all other microscopes
  • compatible third party options including Shutters, control software, etc.
  • PC controlled models compatible with Windows and MacIntosh OSX
  • advanced 'X-Cite® exacte' model assures illumination stability and precise repeatability over life of lamp
  • Optional X-Cite Radiometer to quantify (and on exacte to calibrate) output
  • Made in North America, so the inventory of new items, of parts and service are conveniently accessible.

Spare parts and accessories include:

  • Liquid Filled Light Guides (LLG's)
  • Microscope Adapters
  • X-Cite 120 Series Lamp Module
  • X-Cite exacte Lamp Module
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