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EXFO X-Cite® Radiometer

calibrated illumination - for absolute repeatability

EXFO X-Cite 120 XL Where critical quantitative measurements of intensities over time are critical, the X-Cite® Radiometer enables affordable and continuous calibration of the X-Cite exacte broad spectrum fluorescence illuminator attaining the ultimate degree of illumination repeatability, stability, control and consistency.

Furthermore, the X-Cite® Radiometer can be used to test light guide transmission and lamp output of the other X-Cite® 120 series illumination systems.

Right: X-Cite Radiometer
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As the output of any mercury lamp will fluctuate and gradually diminish over time, when working in relative units this means intensity settings are not easily repeatable. The X-Cite Radiometer permits the researcher to calibrate the illumination in watts achieving repeatable intensity levels and consistent results. The Radiometer works with the Closed-Loop Feedback circuitry of the X-Cite exacte to continuously measure the lamp output energy. A microprocessor within the X-Cite exacte responds to automatically adjusts the neutral density wedge "iris" within to maintain the desired set point in 1% increments!

The illumination intensity can be adjusted up or down in absolute power levels (watts) and this setting is displayed on the X-Cite exacte panel or remotely via computer.

This CLF function permits consistency of illumination over seconds, hours, days or even a comparative over months - for the life of the lamp. Even after changing lamp modules the system within the calibrated X-Cite exacte can resume to automatically restore and maintain the desired level.

This is more than a comparatively simple power meter, the X-Cite® Radiometer is designed so that X-Cite® Light Guides communicate directly with X-Cite® X-Cite exacte. This is calibrated using a certified transfer standard, traceable to the US National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).

Functions include:

  • Power Measurement
  • Irradiance Measurement
  • Relative/Absolute Modes
  • X-Cite® X-Cite exacte Calibration
  • External Input
  • Auto Shut-off
  • Auto Light Guide detection
  • Calibration Due Message

X-Cite exacte color images


Features Benefits
Wavelength Range: 350nm - 675 nm (standard calibration), 250nm to 1µ (with custom calibration)
Measurement Range: 1mW to 12 W
Resolution: 1mW
Accuracy: ±5% typical*
*Calibration: recommended annually, depot service
Complies with international standards: CE marked, certified to IEC, Canadian and US standards
Compact: H 7.5 x W 4.5 x D 2.2 inches (19 x 11.5 x 5 cm)
Light weight: 1 lbs. (450 g)
Warranty: One (1) year, excluding lamp and light guide

Product Presentations

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  • EXFO Closed-Loop Feedback (CLF) of X-Cite exacte Stream/play the .swf presentation demonstrating how the EXFO Closed-Loop Feedback (CLF) system incorporated in the X-Cite exacte illumination system can work hand in hand with the X-Cite Radiometer to maintain any set illumination level uniform over time. Adobe Shockwave File Size: 1,324,868 bytes. Contents Copyright EXFO, all rights reserved.

Illuminators in the X-Cite family are:

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