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EXFO X-Cite 120 XL System

EXFO X-Cite 120 XL The least costly model of this highly capable series, the X-Cite® 120 XL is a broad spectrum light source that excites a wide range of fluorophores. It is compatible with modern microscopes from all major manufacturers, or could be employed as a standalone coaxial or off axis illuminator for other applications including uses with other lenses and film or digital imaging systems. The light is pumped through a Liquid Light Guide (LLG) that ensures homogeneity at the delivery end. Because of the length of the LLG (several lengths are available, or a custom LLG can be made) the X-Cite unit can remain far enough away from the microscope so that heat and vibration do not interfere with the observations.

Right: X-Cite 120 XL Illumination System
Click on image to see enlarged view.

X-Cite® 120 XL employs an optimized 120-watt Metal Halide lamp that warms up in about 90 seconds to deliver rich spectral excitation across a uniformly illuminated field. The proprietary Intelli-Lamp® technology provides more than 2,000 hours of life, and a consistent output is maintained over a great percentage of this lifespan. The lamp is a module that aligned at the factory and so changing the lamp is a safer and simple, one-step process. The optional adjustable iris allows the operator to set the level of illumination at 100%, 50%, 25%, 12%, or 0%. This is ideally suited to routine fluorescence assays and use in multi-user facilities.

EXFO short arc lamps for AC (X-Cite® 120 series) or DC (X-Cite exacte) operation burn in an atmosphere of mercury vapour at high pressure. In cold lamps (i.e. at room temperature) metallic droplets of mercury can be seen in the lamp bulb. During operation of the lamp the mercury vaporizes due to heating of the discharge tube (lamp body) and the gas between the electrodes approaches temperatures of up to 10,000°C. The temperature of the discharge tube reaches approximately 800°C. After the lamp is in thermal equilibrium (5 to 10 minutes after ignition), the vaporized mercury gives rise to a pressure routinely of 30 to 75 times the atmospheric pressure.

Caution: any HG LAMP CONTAINS MERCURY. Inhaling mercury vapour or small particles of mercury or its compounds can be harmful to lungs, kidneys and the nervous system. Injuries to oneีs health can arise due to penetration of the skin or resorption via the gastro-enteric tract. So manage these risks in accord with Disposal Laws and refer to, or call 1-800-668-8752. Lamps sold by Company Seven may be returned in their original packaging to us; contact Company Seven in advance to obtain Return Authorization and instructions. Otherwise return directly to EXFO in the original packaging for disposal in the appropriate manner. For additional information about this refer to Mercury Safety Instructions for Short Arc Lamps in our Library.

X-Cite 120 lamp vs HBO
Above: Spectral output of X-Cite 120 Metal Halide Lamp compared to HBO 100 Watt Mercury source.
Note how X-Cite 120 is comparable in intensity initially, and it will fade less over time while the HBO lamp is retired at 200 hours.
Click on image to see an enlarged transmission graph view (156,832 bytes).

An added benefit of X-Cite 120 is it's broader spectrum excites more fluorophores, see the table below:

Fluorophore Peak Excitation
Wavelenth (nm)
X-Cite 120
output (mW)
output (mW)
GFP/Ds Red (FRET) 471-488 8.0 2.8
FITC 490 8.1 3.0
Texas Red 595 7.0 3.3
TRITC 555 17.9 6.5
Cy3 552 27.6 12.1
Rhodamine 550 33.9 23.3
Lucifer Yellow 428 15.0 6.7

X-Cite color images

Features Benefits
Pre-aligned lamp: Easy replacement with no alignment required
2,000 hour lamp life guaranteed: fewer lamp replacements saves time, money
Powerful 120W AC Metal Halide lamp: rich spectrum with high excitation intensity
Intelli-Lamp® technology: maintains optimum lamp temperature, automatically tracks and displays hours
Optional 5 step adjustable iris: minimize photobleaching by adjusting light intensity
Optional X-Cite Radiometer: to quantify output
Interlock switches: prevent unit from powering on with access panels open
Light Shields/Shutter: automatically shield light when Light Guide is absent
Electromagnetically friendlier: meets CE, IEC compatibility standards for conductive and radiated emissions
Environmentally friendly: Metal Halide lamp employs quick-strike arc eliminating ozone production
Compact: L 13.5 x W 5.5 x H 6.5 inches (34.3 x 14 x 15.6 cm)
Light weight: 6.7 lbs. (3.04 kg)
Warranty: One (1) year, excluding lamp and light guide

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