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Above: Boardroom Model (79,294 bytes)
Above: Geochron "Boardroom" Model. The actual size of this model
is 36-1/4" (92.1cm) x 24-5/16" (61.8cm), weight 30 lbs. / 32.5 kg (79,294 bytes).

Geochron Global Time Displays, Software, and Accessory Prices
1 June 2008

You may refer to the illustrated pages we have posted in our Geochron section for comprehensive descriptions of the products and optional custom choices and accessories.
And of course, feel free to
contact Company Seven to discuss your particular needs or best custom choices in detail.

Geochron Global Time Displays*
Model Configuration Base Price
Standard Choose from vinyl laminate finishes such as: Walnut, Lt. Oak, Med. Oak, Sterling, Cherry, Academy Maple, Russian Maple, Fine Gr. Mahogany. With either Gold, Silver, or Black trim. Surface Mount Brackets included. $1,645.00.00
Original Kilburg With analog 0-60 minute scale. Choose from several vinyl laminate finishes . With either Gold, Silver, or Black trim. Surface Mount Brackets included. $1,795.00.00
Executive Minute analog. Natural wood housing - choose from 8 stained and lacquered finishes. With either Gold, Silver, or Black trim. Matching Table Top Display and Surface Mount Brackets included. $2,425.00.00
Boardroom Minute analog. Custom wood housing with accent moldings. Choice of stained and lacquered finishes including: Light, Natural, Spice, Black Oak, Cherry, Amber-Cherry, Walnut, Mahogany. Gold trim. Alodined components. Limited Edition Plaque. Flush Mount and Surface Mount Brackets included. $2,795.00.00

* Ordering Notes:

    a) Prices include secure packing, but shipping/insurance are not included.
    b) Please specify your local voltage requirements (115/60, 220/50, etc.)
    c) Please specify your local power cord plug requirements (US 3 Prong, Euro Ground, 5 Amp Fused, Australian, or Japanese Blade)
    d) Specify choice of Material Covering (where applicable) and Finish
      The choice of cover and color depends mostly on the effect you want to obtain coupled with your own personal taste.
      Wood grain and color tone have no effect on the quality and durability of either the wood nor its finish. Company Seven has put
      examples of the available finish choices and materials on line however, screen display may not show a perfect reproduction of colors.
      It is preferable to see them at our showroom or you may request to see samples.
    e) Specify choice of Border Trim: Black, Gold, or Silver finished aluminum
    f) Specify choice of Time Scale: 12 Hour Band or 24 Hour Band
    g) Each new Geochron ordered from Company Seven will include one complimentary copy of the Geochron "World Watch"
    Software for PC (Windows). We do expect to offer a version for Macintosh OSX in time.
    This is a way Company Seven can say "thank you".

Standard and Original Geochron Upgrade Finishes
Aluminum - Grained/Anodized
Clear Satin, Black, Gold, or Bronze
Brass - Polished
American Escada Leather
Princess Plonge Leather: Black 143, Taupe 139, Burgundy 144, Navy 138, Forest 163, Canyon 161
Powder Coat Paint - inquire for current sample chart
Stainless Steel - Brushed Finish
Stainless Steel - Mirror Polished
Wood Finish upgrade for Standard or Original models
Wood Finish Custom Match for Executive and Boardroom models

Optional Geochron Items and Spare Parts
Geochron Wood Display Stand:
Engraved Presentation Plaque:
Template to add Corporate Logo on Presentation Plaque:
Geochron Flush Mount Kit (recessed, includes receptacle):
Geochron Lamp Ballast, 50 Hz. (per set):
Geochron Lamp Ballast, 60 Hz. (per set):
Geochron Lamps, Fluorescent (per set):
Geochron Lamp Starter (per set):
Geochron Map Update Kit (Year 2003):
Geochron Product Knowledge Video PAL:
Geochron Product Knowledge Video SECAM:
Geochron Product Knowledge Video VHS:
Geochron Service Manual:
Geochron Surface Mount Security Kit (public display hardware):

Geochron Software
Geochron World Watch® Software and Screen Saver for PC
World Watch® Software and Screen Saver (Macintosh OSX)
under consideration

Note: Each new Geochron ordered from Company Seven will include one complimentary copy of the Geochron World Watch® software for Windows PC operating systems.

Warranty Company Seven will inspect each unit delivered through our showroom to as another quality control measure. The Geochron is warranted against defective workmanship and materials for a period of one year from date of purchase. Geochron components supplied by manufacturers other than Geochron Enterprises carry the warranties of these other manufacturers. Company Seven will back the warranty and remain available to service or support any instrument sold by Company Seven.

Prices are subject to change, and are quoted in U.S. Dollars. Prices do not include insured shipping costs. Overseas originate in Washington, D.C. and go by air with delivery to the address specified by customer.


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